Getting Tested For COVID-19 Looks Like The Groundhog Day Movie


Thank goodness I tested negative for COVID the last nine times, but it’s off again. My seven year old grandson, Bradley, was the first hitter. Most likely to catch the infection from school. That’s when I got a call to pick up Bradley and my 5 year old granddaughter Winter and take them immediately to their pediatrician for a PCR test.

Two days later, BANG! Bradley tested positive after suffering from a mild fever and fatigue. Bradley then passed on COVID to his father, but Winnie tested negative! So now we have a problem.

Since Mindy and I have tested negative, guess who is coming to live with Mimi and Papa? If you said Winnie, you are right. Her father packed her pink suitcase with two blankets she calls “Keekies” and two Barbie dolls, her yoga mat and her pink pajamas. Winnie was going on an adventure!

My granddaughter, winter …

Like most 5 year olds, Winnie talks nonstop all day until bedtime, and when she’s not talking, she sings and talks to herself. Winnie has to be engaged in some activity throughout the day, and that’s when Mindy, her grandmother, whom she calls Mimi, stepped in and entertained her for the five days that she lived with us.

The reality is that I have been in contact with a friend who tested positive for COVID-19. My friend and I have been fully immunized, but I still believe it is my responsibility to be tested again to ensure the safety of my family and my grandchildren. If you frequently spend time with your grandchildren or other loved ones, you may want to consider getting tested semi-regularly to be on the safe side. In many cases, you may never know if someone you have been in contact with is asymptomatic. The only problem now is trying to get an exam appointment. I would recommend DOCS Urgent Care in Danbury or New Milford.

Answers to 25 Common Questions About the COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines began delivery in the United States on December 14, 2020. The rapid rollout came just over a year after the virus was first identified in November 2019. The The impressive speed with which vaccines have been developed has also left a lot of people with a lot of questions. The questions range from practical questions – how will I get vaccinated? – scientific questions – how do these vaccines work?

Read on for the answers to 25 common questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

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