Great Lakes Brewing Co. Hosts Holiday Movie-Themed Dinner


Cleveland, Ohio- Great Lakes Brewing Co. planned a movie-themed Brewmaster’s Dinner.

The seasonal five-course menu will be paired with seasonal and year-round beers.


First: Christmas bonus from Clark Griswold – assorted jams with crackers and soft cheese. Beer: Dortmunder Gold Lager. Movie reference: National Lampoon Christmas Vacation (1989).

Second: Gizmo’s late night snack – midnight brined chicken thighs, panko crust, devilish green relish. Beer: Lo-Cal Crushworthy Citrus Wheat. Movie reference: Gremlins (1984).

Third: Peppermint Candy Salad from Buddy the Elf – sweet peppers, fresh mint, candied lemon. Beer: A brewer’s secret. Movie reference: Elf (2003).

Fourth: Who’s in for a treat – Cindy Lou Who’s sweet potato hash, the Grinch’s Spicy Roast Beast. Beer: Christmas Ale. Movie reference: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966).

Fifth: McCallister sundae – The family’s French toast, Kevin is all the rage. Beer: Eliot Ness Amber Lager. Movie reference: Alone at home (1990).

The non-refundable cost is $85.

GLBC Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for Brewmaster Dinners or other events.

Email or call 216-771-4404.

Great Lakes is located at 2516 Market Ave., Cleveland.

Like beer? Check give them beer for gifts for beer lovers. The company offers craft beer baskets, seasonal selections and more.

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