Hitman’s Holiday (2022) Movie Ending, Explained


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The first film in the series – Accident Man, starring Scott Adkins as hitman Mike Fallon introduces a solid foundation of its tone. Guy Ritchie’s hangover over his style was evident, as was the insertion of humor into an action thriller. Its sequel – ‘Accident Man 2: Hitman’s Holiday’ directed by George Kirby and Harry Kirby features different conflicts from his present and past that he needs to come to the other side, conquering them all. This John Wick-esque assassin seems to know everything about how to turn everything on his side and win every fight that comes his way. Let’s find out what happens during its execution.

Accident Man 2: Hitman’s Holiday (2022) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis

The new comedy adventure film – Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday features an entertaining mix of action and British humor. It’s not the best or the sharpest in terms of wit or sarcasm, but it does have those lines of insulting humor that aren’t common in many England comedies. The sequel story is written by Scott Adkins while the screenplay is written by Stu Small. The hitman protagonist of the film – Mike Fallon (Scott Adkins) is on vacation, where he attends a music concert to kill the artist heading to an auditorium full of audience.

From London, he travels to Malta, an archipelago near Italy, and arrives fully prepared with a bunch of fake IDs to cover his trail. Right after receiving his payment for completing his last mission, he is attacked by a hooded assassin. This person has an intense fight with Mike and after a lot of grunts and moans, he manages to knock the person to the ground. At the end, he starts shouting “Flamingo” repeatedly, which seems to be his password with Siu-ling (Sarah Chang). He met her in a bar fighting people and later became one of her associates. He tells her that they will meet next week when she mentions that they could meet even sooner.

He still suffers from the guilt of killing all of his associates working for his father figure – Big Ray (Ray Stevenson). While walking down an alley, he meets one of them he didn’t kill – Finicky Fred (Perry Benson). He helps him escape a group of hitmen, trying to beat him up. This comic relief character is introduced again in the sequel who visits this foreign country in hopes of meeting a lover in person, with whom he has spoken online. Since he pays her a certain sum, Mike tells her that her request to come is just a scam for a single person like him. When they return to Mike’s, Fred is introduced to Siu-ling, whom Mike has hired to plan his techniques.

They start working together on the jobs that Mike was hired to do. They are having a great time like in the good old days. After the success of one of their concerts, they are kidnapped by a group of Italian mafias, whose head is Mrs. Zuuzer (Flaminia Cinque), who has a bad reputation in their circuit. She introduces her son – Dante (George Fouracres) who chose to become a pop star, which she hates. The reason Mike and Fred are caught by them is under the suspicion that they were the ones who beat Dante badly. He denies these claims, after which she tells them that a CEO from Scandinavia made a deal with Dante. He must find the assassin and kill him. Although he doesn’t accept the proposal right away, he is thrown out of their vehicle into the streets.

To relieve his stress, he decides to have a drink and he bumps into Big Ray, having his meal with a drink. They have a conversation filled with so many bad memories from their blood-fueled past. He learns that it was Big Ray who injured the Zuuzer kid. Mike mentions that as a result of this accident, they kidnapped Fred, whose life is in danger if Dante’s life is not saved. Big Ray mentions that there is a large sum on the head of the family heir – Dante. So, this father-son duo is pitted against a battle by people who assigned them to these dangerous tasks.

Mike rushes to get his hands on Dante where he meets a trained assassin, Freya du Preez (Zara Phythian) who he fights against to save the child and ends up killing her. He safely pulls Dante out of the pub and meets another assassin – Yendi (Faisal Mohammed), who attempts to kill the child. Dante runs away like a frightened child when Yendi continues to attack with his gun. Mike manages to escape the place with Dante, then slits Yendi’s throat as he follows. He takes the kid to a secret location where he orders him to extract the GPS signal he gobbled up earlier. Siu-ling also joins him in no time. She comes to help him, but he asks her to get out right away.

That’s when Silas, the San Fransisco Strangler (Peter Lee Thomas) shows up on the scene and during their verbal battle, Poco: The Killer Clown (Beau Fowler) also appears. The psycho killer clown hits Silas with his hammer and no matter how many ways they try to hurt him, he stands up with a psychotic laugh. Meanwhile, in Siu-ling’s battle with Silas (who stands up in the meantime), she wins by strangling the strangler. Mike also continues to beat the killer repeatedly to the point where he accepts defeat. Meanwhile, Dante shit his GPS signal tracker.

Accident Man 2: Hitman’s Holiday (2022) Movie Ending, Explained:

Is the conflict between Mike and Big Ray resolved?

Just as Mike, Si-ling, and Dante are about to sing victory songs, another assassin taunts a notorious hitman like him turning into a bodyguard. He asks Mike for a martial arts fight. As this assassin prepares to attack him with a sword, he is shot by Big Ray who shows up there by surprise. Big Ray is about to eliminate Dante and Mike continues to stop him. During their verbal battle, several old wounds open up for a confrontation. Mike resents her for not having a moral compass and for killing his ex-girlfriend without letting him know of her plan. Big Ray mentions that they’re just killers and that’s their job for the pay they get.

Yet after their emotional interactions, when Dante finally comes out and Big Ray has the chance to shoot him, he resists. He achieves something more important in life than their job. Later, Mike hands Dante over to his mother and the Zuuzer family and gets hold of his friend, Fred. Right after that, they are all blown up in a fire caused by Big Ray. All three are happy to end the cause of their mission and are utterly fearful. In the end, even Fred gets a happy ending when his lover genuinely shows up, even if it was just for one night! Meanwhile, Mike and Big Ray seem to have worked through their issues and are happy with each other, at least for now.

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