How a bad trailer can tank a movie


In the modern era, moviegoers see more movie and TV trailers in a week than ’80s audiences would have seen in a year, and it’s having an impact. Today, most movie trailers bounce off the collective memory with no impact, some inspire massive cultural excitement, but a few remain as a monument to failure.

Beloved rock star and wildly controversial director Rob Zombie hasn’t released a movie in three years since the conclusion of his single Firefly trilogy. He’s back in full force with a project he’s been trying to complete for decades, even though it looks like he launched it in a weekend.


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On July 13, 2022, the first full trailer for The Munsters filed online. No one has seen the movie and there’s no way to judge its quality, but the trailer is easily one of the worst ever released by a major studio. It opens with a playful look at the Zombies filmography, to poke fun at a director known for shock horror tackling kids’ PG content. Generic font and a bad wave of voiceovers in the trailer with the feeling of a YouTube short from 2009. Once the events kick in, the colors are garish and obnoxious. Most of the decor is grossly spoiled by cheap neon. The makeup looks decent enough, but the lighting gives it a commercial vibe. Interestingly, these issues are intentional, but the ad is full of technical issues.

There are real technical issues that go beyond subjective taste. The trailer suffers from horrible sound issues, some effects contain technical glitches, and other sounds seem to be missing. The opening gag comes with what appear to be free effects with Windows Movie Maker. The editing is jarring and unpleasant, often leaving the viewer bewildered with its odd choices. The production as a whole could probably have been better served by a team of students or the editor of a moderately successful YouTube channel. It reminds the viewer of nothing more than the first Tom Cruise trailer The Mummy. This film’s first appearance featured an accidentally unfinished trailer that was missing key audio tracks. This trailer has been removed and reuploaded and most of the fans who captured it to make fun of it received a takedown notice from Universal. This one, on the other hand, carries the studio’s tacit approval.

Marketing a movie is tough, but most of the problems with this trailer are amateur hour issues that would publicly shame a freshman in film school. It’s Netflix. It’s Universal Studios. This is an established brand that could eventually be turned into something marketable. Perhaps most notably, it’s Rob Zombie. Zombie is many things, but he’s rarely lazy. His work seems scratched from the strange cogs of his mind, cobbled together from people he met on the road and scary stories from the carnival he grew up in. He never fully understood the “one for me, one for them” model, so he found audiences who would appreciate those for him. Every production is a passion project for Zombie, including his previous adaptation work. Rob Zombie isn’t the guy studios call to phone in a lame cash-in on a barely relevant name. Especially not a barely relevant name like The Munsters.

Fans of his work already know that his most popular song is his 1998 metal hit “Dragula,” and they probably also know that the title and centerpiece is the Munsters car. Rob Zombie likes The Munsters. He’s been doing it since he was a kid and he’s been trying to get the rights to make movies since the early 2000s. He’s finally getting the license to do whatever he wants with the property that inspired him as a kid. , the one who gave her name to her biggest hit, and that’s what it makes? This kind of lazy, thoughtless, messy, dumped Netflix trash has nothing to do with terms like a passion project. The only possible explanations are a complete lack of effort by the marketing arm of the studio or that Zombie was forced to mount it himself on an outdated laptop.

There are some interesting things buried in the first trailer for The Munsters, but the road will be long to forget the terrible execution. The elements of its presentation are sincere attempts to preserve the adorably quirky elements of the original show, but technical difficulties and visibly cheap production make it difficult to watch. Hope Rob Zombie has to do The Munsters movie he’s been trying to make for two decades and this trailer is just a series of lazy mistakes. Fans will have to wait and see if this is a hidden gem or an accurately rated mess.

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