How the Trailer’s UFO Hurt Jordan Peele’s Movie


The following contains spoilers for Nope, which is now playing in theaters.

In Jordan Peele’s film career, trailers for his films have generally been cryptic. get out and We teased issues like race, class, and elitism before release, but few could have predicted the possession angle in the former and the clones ravaging society in the latter. That’s why it was weird when Nope The final trailer revealed that the Haywoods were being stalked by a UFO.

Yet many have given Nope the benefit of the doubt, thinking there would be something deeper in the drama once the film was unveiled. Some thought it could have been fantasy, shaping a psychological thriller, or maybe it was a monster manifesting in different forms. Unfortunately, given what it was, the trailer and its premature reveal hurt the movie.

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As OJ and his sister, Emerald, battled the UFO, trying to capture it on film and sell the footage, it turned out to be an alien hunting around their Agua farm. Dulce. If we didn’t watch it, they wouldn’t get eaten, but horses, theme park patrons that Jupe ran, and fearless reporters were still among the devoured entities. It was the movie’s take on capitalism, how people do stupid things in the name of show business, and how Hollywood eats up POC’s work without paying them.

But while these are nuanced layers, they could have been predicted from the trailer. That’s why people were expecting a big twist with the UFO later on, but the cerebral side and general mystery was lost when nothing shocking came to light. Even when the alien transformed into his final monstrous form, he had no intimidation. Sure, it was a beautiful ribbon monster, but fans expected a lot more.

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For this to really resonate as the climax of the climax, the trailer would have had to cut out the shot of the white flying saucer chasing OJ, which would have kept the story so vague and allowed fans to be wowed by the evolution of the monster. its shape. It also would have initially left fans wondering if OJ and Emerald were delusional and suffering from PTSD due to their father’s death from falling debris, if Antlers and Angel found themselves in mass hysteria due to conspiracy theories and the need for the “cash money” and if Jupe saw “a wild animal” in the sky that didn’t really exist due to her bloody childhood past where Gordy the chimpanzee killed people on the set of his sitcom.

It would have created an exciting guessing game, leaving people wondering if the alien was mystical or biblical. Instead, by giving the UFO, as well as Nope was, it lacked reward and failed to build suspense and tension on the villain. These kind of bombshells made previous Peele films stand out, but Nope I felt a little simpler.

Find out why the UFO revealed in the trailer hurt Nope, which is in theaters now.


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