How to save money on movie tickets


Whether at home or during weekly shopping, while traveling, in the car or in the store, money-saving tips are hiding everywhere. Often several hundred dollars can be saved per year, sometimes even per month. Depending on your needs and hobby, avoidable costs are hidden in movie subscriptions and cinema tickets. And this without having to do without the things that are important to you and that bring you joy. How can you verify this? We’ve rounded up the most important tips and tricks for saving money on movie tickets.

1. Skip premium formats

Sure, it can be fun to see a superhero blockbuster on a five-story screen or in 3D. But not all movies are better like that.

Before rushing for the expensive ticket, consult a reviewer you trust. Some film scribes will note whether 3D has added value to a film. Or ask your friends if seeing a 3D movie is worth it.

Also check movie times and corresponding formats carefully.

2. Go out

If you can’t get tickets to a movie, you can always try hanging around the theater on movie day. Sometimes viewers have extra tickets that they are willing to sell at face value.

Be aware that if you are trying a more innovative route to getting movie tickets, you should be extremely careful and aware of any potential downsides or scams.

If you are buying tickets for a movie, it is not recommended to buy paper tickets, as these can be easily forged.

If movie tickets are managed by a reputable organization, please ensure that the ticket you are purchasing has been transferred to your account.

Never share personal information – other than that which is explicitly required to obtain the tickets – and never purchase a ticket from an individual or from a website requesting gift cards.

3. Use credit card or discount codes

Once you have a rewards card, you can use it to buy movie tickets, among other things. Technically, that won’t make them cheaper. But making money is actually like getting a discount.

Remember: never charge a credit card more than you can afford at the end of the billing cycle. Otherwise, you’ll incur interest charges that will wipe out your cash back.

Another good option is to search for discount codes for movie tickets. You have a great chance of getting ten to fifty percent off your purchase, sometimes even more. You can search for these movie ticket deals and coupons on Where other similar coupon sites.

4. Find a late theater

Instead of seeing the movies when they first come out, you can watch them after they’ve been released for a few weeks at a significantly reduced price. That means sometimes you have to wait to see a movie you want to watch, but often it’s worth saving. It’s also a great way to rewatch a movie you liked at the first cinema.

5. Eat before

Smuggling food into the theater is against the rules, so it is not advisable to do so. But if you have time, grab something to eat before entering the theater. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed with the temptation to buy nachos and hot dogs – premium snacks that are expensive. Instead, make a pact with yourself that you’ll have a drink and a snack to stay within your budget.

6. Join a loyalty program

If you haven’t joined the rewards programs of theaters you visit frequently, you’re leaving money at the box office.

Almost every major channel has a loyalty card, whether plastic or virtual, to swipe every time you hit the movies. Eventually, you’ll accumulate enough points for a freebie or discount.

7. Gift cards

Going to the movies may seem like the perfect gift, but not everyone agrees. It is possible to list the gift cards that people acquire but are not likely to use on the website. Then, customers like you can purchase inexpensive gift cards, sometimes at a deep discount. Check what is available; for example, you can save 14% on a $25 gift card valid at various cinemas.

8. Bring the whole family

A handful of movie theater chains across the country hold second-run screenings of children’s films each summer. Admission is free or nearly free for children – from 50 cents to $2, especially for films released in the previous year.

9. Sign up with Online Theater

Buying your movie tickets from a third-party website can be very convenient, but you might not get the best deal. Sign up for newsletters and promotions from your neighborhood theater directly through their website. Follow them on their social media accounts as well, including Facebook and Twitter. When you book tickets, you avoid additional costs and you might even get a feel for cheap movie days, special discounts and coupons for concessions like popcorn, drinks and candy to lighten your wallet.

ten. become faithful

Some theaters, especially those associated with chains, offer customer loyalty programs. Regal Cinemas and AMC are just two of the movie chains that offer loyalty programs to their moviegoers. Loyalty programs reward you for your referral via a card. When you spend money on tickets and concessions, you accumulate points on your card, which can then pay for tickets or net discounts on other things. If you’re a movie buff, it might be worth asking, especially since you’ll probably be at the movies anyway.

One of our favorite hobbies is watching movies. These simple suggestions should get you started saving money, one movie ticket at a time. Even if you weren’t a big movie buff before, it might encourage you to start going there more often.


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