‘I Came By’ Netflix Movie Review – Broken Families


I Came By, directed by Babak Anvari (the man behind the excellent Under the Shadow), is occupied by characters suffering from a case of broken families. Toby (George MacKay) has lost his father and has a strained relationship with his mother, Liz (Kelly Macdonald). His best friend Jay (Percelle Ascott) had a mother who constantly changed men, all of whom were violent towards him. Liz mentors a boy named Faisal, who wants to study computers but is forced to become a doctor by his mother. Hector Blake (Hugh Bonneville), a retired judge, lost his mother to suicide when his father began seducing a young boy (in one of the scenes, an old photo of him as a child is cracked. This visually reiterates that he had a childhood fracture). The boy massaging Hector tells him that his parents disowned him after learning of his homosexuality. Everyone in I Came By has to go to therapy, but they end up getting involved in crimes and investigations.

Toby and Jay are graffiti artists. They break into the homes of the wealthy and paint “I CAME BY” on their wall. The intention is to spread the message that not even money can guarantee your security against outside threats. But when Jay’s wife gets pregnant, he decides to stop doing such risky things. Toby, however, isn’t looking for a break. He decides to break into Hector’s house alone without help, and that’s when he finds something horrible in the basement.

Toby may want to prove that even the wealthy can be vulnerable (he easily robs a man in a suit at the train station), but the film contradicts that claim by putting Hector out of the law. He has a superintendent friend, and Hector uses this contact to his advantage when two police officers come to search his house. When he senses that a cop might find a clue if she stays in his basement longer, he deliberately gets arrested because Hector knows he wouldn’t be thrown in jail and that this trick would divert the cop’s attention. . Hector is aware of his invulnerability, and this character comes across as a self-assured, powerful, deranged maniac in the hands of Bonneville. You don’t need to be scary when you have someone as vile and scary as Hector.

I Came By doesn’t explicitly depict the violence, but its suggestion is enough to color the whole film with sadness. The sound of ashes or the sound of a drill are more than enough to express defeat and despair. A cut from a bat hitting someone until it’s cut in half fills you with terror. It is clever to indicate broken limbs and other unspeakable acts that could have been committed.

One thing Toby does is he steals and throws away the TV remote. A remote can help you control something the way you want, but in I Came By, nothing happens as the characters want. Their life is out of control and nothing is going according to plan. A rescue operation goes awry, good people die, couples break up, and a police officer is unable to put a culprit behind bars on her own (even though she really wants to). Sure, there’s a happy ending here where the villain gets what he deserves, but we’re not thrilled. How can we celebrate when all we think about is the fact that it took a long time and a lot of deaths to get to this particular moment? Justice is served, but the losses cannot be ignored.

Final score – [8.5/10]
Reviewed by – Vikas Yadav
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