Is a Gambit movie necessary?


A Gambit The movie was supposed to be released in October 2016. However, once Gore Verbinski stepped away from the feature due to scheduling conflicts, the chances of the X-Men movie going into production were seemingly slim, Channing Tatum himself confirming the news that a Gambit the movie won’t be out anytime soon. The Marvel villain debuted in The Curious X-Men Annual #14 in July 1990 and The Strange X-Men #266 a month later. While not particularly the main villain like Magneto or Mystique, Gambit has played a solid role in comics and animation; however, he was never the focal point as Remy LeBeau has mostly been a minor character in the larger world of X-Men. So far he has only been in one live action movie, which is the critic criticized X-Men Origins: Wolverineplayed by actor Taylor Kitsch (John Carter, battleship). When you consider the overall role of the X-Men villain, is a Gambit film really necessary?

Well, no… and yes. In the larger X-Men universe, there’s no need for him. Gambit is an interesting character, but he’s just there to represent a different type of mutant in the X-Men world. However, we also didn’t need Deadpool in the X-Men canon and look at the wonders the franchise has done for adult comic book movies in general. In reality, R-rated comic superhero features were extremely rare in the mainstream. city ​​of sin and 300 have been surprising financial successes, but Sin City: A Lady To Kill For and 300: Birth of an Empire bombarded, and the underrated watchmen present studios likely scared to ever do another R-rated superhero picture. dead Pool helped revive the genre as it allowed superheroes to thrive in diversity and showed that R-rated features could also be a big box office hit. movies like Logan Where Joker probably wouldn’t exist (or at least be R-rated) were it not for the success of Dead Pool.

Gambit doesn’t have to be an R-rated gorefest, but the way the x-men image can help is by opening up the world entirely. One of Fox’s main problems x-men is that the main focus was on Wolverine, Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Magento. The films may have been a box office hit, but that shut down any chance of storytelling outside of the three main characters. If you’ve never watched the cartoons or read the comics, you’d probably think that Rogue, Storm, Cyclops and the dozens of other mutants featured in the live-action movie were nothing more than sidekicks. without great depth. Gambit doesn’t particularly have the most interesting backstory compared to several of the main mutants; however, we’ve yet to get a feature that showcases a villainous side to growing up in the mutant world.

Remy LeBeau’s original origin story is intriguing. He was kidnapped as a child and raised by the LeBeau Clan Thieves Guild, basically raised in a place full of crooks and liars. Normal humans hate mutants, and while we understand why from the heroes’ perspective, it would be nice to expand that on the villain side. Has Gambit’s criminal activities contributed to human distrust of mutants? What is the LeBeau Clan Thieves Guild? How does Gambit fit into the larger universe? Obviously, there’s a stronger theme at play here, but the feature shouldn’t focus on details from past films, but give a better sense of a villain’s exact place in the X-Men world. To be honest, Disney probably doesn’t have much interest in making a Gambit movie right now because it’s just not a blockbuster. It would have been great for the popular X-Men villain to have his own movie as dead Pool, but there’s just no buzz for it. The X-Men are in limbo right now as Disney is still trying to figure out how to bring them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It looks like it might change once Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness happens, but nothing is official.

Gambit can walk. If a single-player feature is done well, it opens Pandora’s box to more characters. x-men movies. There’s too much rich material for the X-Men roster to be wasted as it has been. Gambit may not be a major player in the overall X-Men universe, but he could play a crucial role in what happens to x-men upcoming features.


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