Is the movie good to watch?


We have an action thriller coming to Netflix this weekend in End of the road. Is the film worth watching? I’m sharing my thoughts on the movie below to help you decide if you should watch the movie this weekend or skip it!

End of the road is an action thriller that follows Brenda (Queen Latifah) and her family on a cross-country road trip that turns into a nightmare. The film is directed by Millicent Shelton and also stars and Ludacris.

We find out that Brenda’s husband has died and this has put a strain on the family, leading her to uproot the family and move them across the country to Texas. Brenda hopes this will serve as a fresh start for her and the children. Brenda’s brother, Reggie (Ludacris), joins them on this road trip.

At a gas station, a few country boys make perverted comments to Brenda, and she knocks them down as they leave. However, these boys don’t take it well as they chase the family in a car. Provoking a face-to-face battle.

The family goes beyond the situation to meet another at the hotel where they are staying. On the road, an unknown number calls Brenda asking for their money, but she has no idea what they are talking about. Once she hangs up, she realizes that Reggie stole some money.

Queen Latifah and Ludacris are the perfect duo in End of the Road

The movie was a bit more intense than I expected, even though it was an action thriller. With our cast, I expected the script to lean into comedy, but it didn’t and I was more than okay with that.

David Loughery’s writing is one of the most impressive things about the movie. Throughout the film, they place lines that come back later to tie the story together, and it all makes sense. Some twists remind me of his storyline earlier this year in Bursts. It’s an independent film that I enjoyed. Loughery does a great job keeping us guessing here.

I don’t think Queen Latifah is recognized enough to be as good an actress as she is. She doesn’t just kick ass and take names in the movie, but she plays it like crazy. I loved him in this film and Ludacris played him the perfect sidekick with a comedic edge.

Globally, End of the road is a very good action thriller that will not disappoint you. I highly recommend checking this one out when it’s streaming on Netflix.

End of the road arrives on Netflix on Friday, September 9.


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