Jason Momoa slams ‘Conan the Barbarian’, calls movie a ‘big pile of shit’


Rare is the actor whose filmography is certified fresh from start to finish. Even the best actors make really terrible movies over the course of their careers. Jason Momoa is no exception, though perhaps no actor has been as vocal and explicit as he has been about the failure of his cinematic past.

In a recent interview with British GQ, the 42-year-old celeb really let slip her experience with the 2011 adventure/fantasy film Conan the Barbarian.

“I’ve been a part of a lot of really shitty things and movies where it’s not up to you. Conan was one of them,” Jason Momoa said. “It’s one of the best experiences I’ve had and it’s [was] taken over and turned into a big pile of shit.

Marcus Nispel, who directed the film, which holds an abysmal 25% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, admitted he also had doubts about the final product.

“As a filmmaker in this system, you’re a dog on a leash,” Nispel told People. “Trying to finish Conan under those circumstances was the worst experience I’ve had and I was equally unhappy with the outcome. I’m glad though that none of it got in the way of Jason’s career path…I always supported the decision to do Conan with him.

It seems one of the problems Jason Momoa faced was being branded as a brainless brute. “It’s been hard because people always think I’m just that guy who plays [macho characters]”, Momoa said. “But I want to be emotional, I want something new. Things change, and even the villain roles I play now are quirky.

Maybe the tough body will get a chance to flex his acting muscles in the next film. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and the 10 Fast and Furious film. But if those movies suck too, could you let us know before we waste our time at the theatre? Thanks dude.

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