Jennifer Lawrence hid her very first movie script from her parents because of a ‘difficult rape’ scene


Jennifer Lawrence is a dynamic actress with a wide variety of projects. His films range from big studio movies to small independent stories. However, the movies aren’t always the most uplifting, especially when she started. Lawrence hid the script for The House of Pokerher first feature film role, from her parents because of a “harsh rape” scene.

‘The Poker House’ was Jennifer Lawrence’s first role in a feature film

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2008 The House of Poker is based on the life of filmmaker Lori Petty in the early 1970s. Petty is directing from a screenplay she co-wrote with David Alan Grier. The story follows Agnès (Lawrence) through a painful daily life. The teenager tries to raise her two younger sisters named Bee (Sophi Bairley) and Cammie (Chloë Grace Moretz) while trying to survive in her mother’s brothel.

The House of Poker received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, coming in at 63% on Rotten Tomatoes. Negative reviews point to pacing issues, but they praise the film’s serious and powerful approach. Lawrence wowed audiences with his feature debut. She won the Los Angeles Film Festival Jury Prize for Outstanding Performance, calling Lawrence’s portrayal “screen acting at its finest”.

Jennifer Lawrence hid ‘The Poker House’ script from her parents because of a ‘difficult rape’ scene

by Nadia Cohen Jennifer Lawrence: Girl on Fire explores the life and career of the Hollywood star. Her book takes readers through her journey through her upbringing in a small town, as well as her pursuit of acting dreams. However, Lawrence was just a teenager at the time The House of Poker arrived and she was worried about her parents’ reaction.

“There was even a difficult rape scene, which was seen as a brave move for Jennifer at such an early stage in her career,” Cohen wrote. “In the harrowing scene, her character is attacked by her mother’s pimp, and Jennifer was understandably concerned that her own parents would disapprove of the sexually explicit nature of what she was being asked to do, given that she was still a teenager.”

“I hid the poker house script from my parents so I could audition for it,” Lawrence said. “By the time I got the part, it was too late: they had to let me do it. During the filming of the rape scene, my mother was there. I was okay with that.

Lawrence concluded: “I was very cheeky at that age – the typical type of stubbornness that comes with adolescence. I started out fearless, and now I’m terrified.

The House of Poker set Lawrence on a career path to success.

‘Winter’s Bone’ and beyond

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Lawrence would later earn his first Oscar nomination for the 2010s winter bone. She once again brought a serious performance that audiences simply couldn’t get enough of. She would later earn an Oscar win for 2012 Silver Linings Playbook before earning two more Oscar nominations for 2013 american hustle and 2015 Joy.

Lawrence took a break from his acting career. However, Netflix Don’t look up marks a big comeback for the actor. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in Adam McKay’s comedy. Then she works on Red, white and water and Bad blood. Get ready to see a lot more of the magical sincerity that Lawrence brings to every role.

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