Jennifer Lawrence’s New Film Set for Summer 2023 Release


Sony Pictures has announced that the new comedy starring Jennifer Lawrence No strong emotions will arrive next summer according to Deadline. The studio has revealed that the “R-rated comedy” of Office and good boys director Gene Stupnitsky will be released on June 16, 2023, arriving as adult-centric counter-programming for Pixar’s upcoming original animated film Elemental. Little is known about the project other than it being called an “R-rated comedy with a heart”. In addition to directing Stupnitsky co-wrote the film with John Phillips (dirty grandpa), no other cast members have been officially set, but Lawrence will also act as a producer on the project.

Last years Don’t look up marked the first film to star Oscar-winning Lawrence since her last appearance in Dark Phoenix in 2019. After a turbulent few years with multiple projects, from 2011 to 2014 she appeared in three films each year, Lawrence took time off, married in October 2019, and welcomed her first child into the world in February 2022. one of the reasons she retreated from the public spotlight for a time.

“It’s so hard because in the last ten years, going from your teens to your 20s to your 30s, your brain has changed so much,” Lawrence previously told Netflix. Waiting line of his break from acting. “You don’t really feel anything like fame because it happens at you. It’s impossible to digest. You have to [process] just as it happens: Okay, that person treats me that way. These people follow me. I can’t say that kind of thing in interviews anymore. Having an artistic outlet was so helpful to me during this time trying to adjust to this weird life, while trying to please my parents and all the normal things that come with growing up at the age of twenty year. I’m so glad I got the structure of The hunger Games and x-men concentrate and put a lot of energy into it. I came out and I said to myself, What is life ? What is all this? I do not know. Thinking about it, it’s impossible to understand.”

Lawrence only has a few other projects lined up for the foreseeable future, many of which were filmed before her pregnancy. It should appear in Red, white and water from A24 and is also attached to star as Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes in a new Adam McKay film.


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