Johnny Depp, Amber Heard verdict: Depp already has the next movie online


For those clamoring to see Johnny Depp back on the big screen, they won’t have to wait long.

Johnny Depp may have won his libel case against ex-wife Amber Heard, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be headlining Hollywood blockbusters again.

Despite the fervent wishes of his die-hard fans, Depp’s reputation remains on the skids thanks to the avowed condemnable behavior the actor exhibited in his relationship with Heard.

Prominent Hollywood studios will be reluctant to work with Depp again despite the verdict in his favor – the risk/reward matrix isn’t up to snuff while there are still legions of moviegoers who will boycott anything he’s involved in .

His career has also declined over the past decade, plus the box office draw he used to be for Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount or Universal to fund a Depp movie isn’t worth the unwarranted controversy. financial pay.

But that doesn’t mean he’ll never work again.

Depp’s future lies in independent feature films where he poses less of a risk to small financiers and filmmakers hoping to tap into his remaining talent and vocal, frenzied fanbase.

Depp already has his next project online, but not in Hollywood.

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Depp is attached to French cinema Jeanne du Barry, a biopic of the famous mistress of King Louis XV. Depp is set to play the pre-Revolution king who ruled France for nearly six decades.

French actor Maiwenn will direct and play Barry while the film will also star Louis Garrel, Pierre Richard and Noémie Lvovsky. Variety reported that the film is set to begin filming during the Northern Hemisphere summer and will be shot on location at the Palace of Versailles.

European production company Wild Bunch is funding the picture and brought it to the Cannes market earlier this year to sell the global distribution rights. It’s unclear how successful his sales efforts have been.

Wild Bunch has already backed a string of critically acclaimed arthouse films, including Ken Loach’s I, Daniel BlakeHirokazu Kore-eda Shoplifters and Guillermo del Toro Pan’s Labyrinth.

Wild Bunch also currently has disgraced filmmaker Roman Polanski’s next film on its slate.

There are also unverified rumors that Depp may have been cast in an upcoming beetle juice sequel, but that might be wish-fulfillment on the part of his followers more than anything else.

beetle juice was a 1988 film directed by Tim Burton, who worked with Depp on several films including Edward Scissorhands, Todd Sweeney, sleepy hollow and Charlie and the chocolate factory. Burton and Depp’s last collaboration dates back to 2016 Alice through the looking glasswhich Burton did not direct but produced.

A Beetlejuice sequel has been talked about for decades, but was confirmed in February when reports emerged about Brad Pitt’s production company. Plan B had joined the project.

With the involvement of Plan B and Warner Bros, where the film was being developed, it seems unlikely that Depp will be welcome.

Warner Bros is the home of the Harry Potter films – Depp was kicked out of the Fantastic Beasts franchise and replaced by Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen.


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