Justin Jefferson on the one-handed grip: Unreal, it was like a movie


Getty Images

Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson had many highlights during his three-year NFL career, but he topped them all at Buffalo on Sunday.

The Vikings had to convert a 4th-and-18 while dropping four points in the fourth quarter and quarterback Kirk Cousins looked towards Jefferson as he was well guarded by Bills defensive back Cam Davis. Jefferson grabbed the ball with one hand to take it away from Davis for a 32-yard gain that kept the Vikings alive in one of the most entertaining games of this season and any other season.

After the Vikings completed their 33-30 overtime win, KJ Osborn called Jefferson’s catch “one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen” and head coach Kevin O’Connell said it was “one of the most remarkable catches I’ve ever seen.” never seen”. Jefferson’s own opinion was that a hold like that was a sign of things to come for him and the Vikings.

“It was like it was unreallooked like a movie,” Jefferson said, via Andrew Krammer of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “I told everyone that means, this is our season, for us to win, let’s go to the Super Bowl. We just have to keep working.

If the Vikings make that kind of run, Jefferson, who had 10 catches for 193 yards on Sunday, will likely add a lot more clips to his highlights reel before the end of the year.


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