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Release date : August 26, 2022

Rating 123telugu.com: 2.25/5

With : Satyam Rajesh, Sanchitha Poonacha, Kaashima Rafi, Chitram Seenu,
Praveen Yendamuri, Janardhan

Director: Karuna Kumar

Producer: Zee Studios & R4 Entertainment

Musical directors: Mani Sharma

Cinematography: Prasad G K

Editor: SB Raju Talari

As Liger was released on Thursday, a small movie titled Kalapuram hit the screens today. Directed by famous Palasa Karuna Kumar, this movie has Satyam Rajesh as the lead actor. Let’s see how it is.


Kumar (Satyam Rajesh) is an aspiring director striving for success in movies. But he is rejected both in love and in his career. At this time, a so-called producer meets Kumar and promises to produce his first film. He moves the scene to his village called Kalapuram and asks Kumar to shoot the movie there. Kumar lands in Kalapuram and gets cheated in a scam. The rest of the story tells how Kumar solves his problems and makes his first movie.

Good points :

The first half of the film has some decent moments. How a struggling director faces problems in the industry and how he gets tricked into love is presented in a decent way. Satyam Rajesh’s trail of love and emotions through the heartbreaking scenes is pretty good.

The way the scene shifts to Kalapuram and the way the land characters are introduced is also very good. Janardhan who plays the crafty producer is also quite good in his role. Pradeep Rudra gets a small role and he is decent. A few comedy scenes about how the team tries to make a movie were handled well in the second half.

Negative points :

The film lacks seriousness in the second half as the plot is thin. The hero trying to make a movie with the village members and everyone participating, such concepts have also been featured in earlier movies and have no seriousness in Kalapuram.

There’s a key twist that happens in the latter part of the second half and the way it’s executed feels over the top and silly. The premise is good and there was also room for comedy in the second half, but the director narrated scenes that weren’t necessary at all.

Additionally, the film lacks emotional depth in the second half. A struggling director who suffers from problems is forced to make his first film. The process in which he begins the film and the way his character changes shades is not presented properly at all.

Technical aspects:

The movie was made on a low budget but it doesn’t show because the production values ​​are pretty good. The camera work showcasing the village visuals is also decent. Mani Sharma’s music is impressive, as is the production design.

Coming to director Karuna Kumar, this is his third film. He is known for having strong emotions in his films. But he chooses a light film with a twist and does not arouse curiosity. Although he starts the film on a slow note, the way he enters the main plot is quite interesting. But by the time the film enters the second half, things get quite disappointing as the film lacks seriousness and has scenes that don’t hold the audience’s attention.


Overall, Kalapuram is a village drama that lacks seriousness in its approach. The movie starts off on a decent note but once the second half begins it falls flat. Aside from Satyam Rajesh’s heartfelt performance, this film doesn’t have much to offer and ends as a below average watch this weekend.

Rating from 123telugu.com: 2.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu team

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