Keanu Reeves cast in upcoming Jonah Hill movie


Keanu Reeves and Jonah Hill will soon be working together on their first feature film. On Wednesday, news broke revealing John Wick star joined a movie titled Results, which should be done by Hill. Little is known about the project other than Hill who also co-wrote the screenplay alongside Ezra Woods. Hill is also producing the film under his Strong Baby production banner.

Deadline first broke the news, suggesting that no studio or distributor has yet onboarded the project. However, it is expected to face a major bidding war as the holidays roll around and Hollywood shuts down for weeks.

The project marks the second feature film Hill has joined as director. His directorial debut was in the 2018 coming-of-age comedy-drama Mid 90s; since then he has only directed stutza documentary centered on his own battles with mental illness.

As for Reeves, the fan-favorite actor is busier than ever. Soon the actor will begin to promote John Wick: Chapter 4which is one of the first blockbusters to be released in 2023. The the actor filmed a small role in Ballerinathe first spin-off film set in the world of John Wick.

If all goes well, the actor will also soon be able to reprise his role as John Constantine in a sequel from filmmaker Francis Lawrence.

“One of the biggest things for me about the first one was that we followed, according to Warner Bros., the rules for making a PG-13 movie in terms of violence, blood, language, sexuality. But the ranking committee gave us a hard R based on their gray area of ​​intensity”, Lawrence recently spoke to TheWrap about the sequel in development. “And my big, big regret was that we got an R-rated movie that’s really a PG-13 movie. And if I was going to have an R, I really would have made an R-rated movie. I would have made it much scarier and much more violent and I definitely would have made an R-rated movie.”

He added: “The idea this time around is, at least for me, to really go out there and make a real R-rated Constantine that is, I think, what people always originally wanted, not the PG-13 version that just happens to get an R.”


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