Kevin Smith once cursed Harvey Weinstein for interrupting his movie


Filmmaker and actor Kevin Smith was well acquainted with disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. But after displaying behavior regarding one of his films that Smith found disgusting, the Clerks the director was fed up with Weinstein’s attitude. And he let the producer know.

Kevin Smith once shared that Harvey Weinstein owed him money for years

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As is the case with some actors and filmmakers, Smith had a professional relationship with Weinstein before he was exposed for his behavior towards women. But even when he and Weinstein started working together, there were signs of trouble. Weinstein was well known for sometimes failing to pay celebrities their due. Smith encountered this kind of treatment after Weinstein bought his film Clerks.

“That I know. They bought Clerks for $227,000. And the movie came out and made $3 million at the box office and everything. And it took us seven years to see a profit from that movie. For seven years they said, “No, the movie still isn’t profitable.” And we were like ‘How?’ And then there were things,” Smith told Variety.

Still, although Weinstein did not repay Smith, Smith claimed he continued to work with the mogul because of his salary.

“Believe me, I’m not crying poor. And I received ridiculously increasing salaries,” he continued. “When I made Zack and Miri make a porn, I think I won between 5 and 6 million dollars. So come on, this is ridiculous. But it was my salary. The initial money was so good. I never said, ‘Hey man, where are those nickels and dimes in the back?’

Kevin Smith once cursed Harvey Weinstein for displaying disgusting behavior during a movie

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Although Smith mostly kept things cordial with Weinstein, there was one instance where he couldn’t tolerate the producer’s behavior. In a 2011 interview with The GuardianSmith recalls holding his movie premiere red state at the Sundance Film Festival. From the film’s opening, however, Weinstein was already disrupting Smith’s cinematic experience.

“I open the curtain in the back and see Harvey outside, talking,” Smith said. “He’s talking about the Jets. Strong as f***. The opening of my film, the first seven minutes.

The Jay and Silent Bob director then handled the situation differently than he would have done in the past.

“Old Kev would have just said, ‘Harvey, shh, the movie’s on. But it pissed me off so much. It doesn’t get much more heartbreaking. So I fucking lost it, and I went out and said, ‘Hey. Shut up !’ And he looked at me with fucking hate in his eyes. And I said, ‘Yeah. It’s me and I say it. And he just left,” he recalls.

Kevin Smith wouldn’t have worked with Harvey Weinstein if he knew about the producer’s allegations

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Smith once shared that had he known about Weinstein’s future accusations when the two first collaborated, he wouldn’t have collaborated with the producer. Even if it meant potentially sacrificing his career in the process.

“If you had gone back in time and said to this kid, ‘That’s all you’re going to do, but it’s going to be about one person doing all this to all these people,’ I definitely wouldn’t have done it. I was way too Christian,” he said in another interview with The Guardian.

Smith also shared that a week before the allegations against him were published, he received a call from Weinstein. The two discussed a potential sequel to his 1999 film Dogma. But following the news that followed, Smith wondered if Weinstein’s phone call had ulterior motives.

“He was going around his wagons,” Smith said. “I am not a victim here. But I felt a little used.

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