Kevin Spacey’s New Movie Looks Bad, Which Surprises No One


Nearly five years after being accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old (and harassing more than a dozen others), Kevin Spacey has quietly returned to Hollywood with new projects, even if those he he chose are…bad.

The first trailer for his latest film Peter Five Eight is here, and he’s from a bunch of studios you’ve never heard of, probably because nobody wants to work with Spacey anymore. We are happy to report that the film looks like a parody trailer made as part of a 30 Rock bit, and not a real movie that people paid money for. But they did.

In Spacey’s first role since being retired from Card castle, the actor plays a “charismatic” serial killer. (Perhaps the word charismatic isn’t the best adjective.) Going further, the movie’s tagline is: The Guilty Always Pay The Price, and we can probably assume Spacey wasn’t aware of that. Here is the plot:

Sam, (Jet Jandreau) A seemingly poised and glamorous real estate agent in a small mountain community turns out to be an unhinged, troubled alcoholic with a dark secret, when a charismatic man named Peter (Kevin Spacey) shows up in town one day. While trying to save her life from falling apart, an older co-worker named Brenda (Rebecca De Mornay) is targeted by Peter for information at the behest of her powerful and shadowy boss, Mr. Lock. Nothing will ever be the same in this small town

Watch the trailer above if you need a laugh.


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