Leslie Grace’s Batgirl and 9 Other Lost Movie Performances


The cancellation of the Warner Brothers and DC film bat girl recently caused quite a stir. This not only means a change of direction at the studio and a re-planning of the DCEU, but it also means the performance of singer and actress Leslie Grace, as her titular character will sadly never be seen by movie audiences.

However, Grace isn’t the only actor to have been cut completely from his own film, and it’s sad to think that all the hard work and preparation behind them was for nothing. Some are seemingly lost forever, while samples of others have been released over the years, but the odds are still high that almost none of them will ever be seen in their entirety.


ten Leslie GraceBatgirl

While having an entire character or performance cut from a movie can be a common occurrence in the editing process, having an entire movie shut down and canceled after it’s already been fully filmed is something almost completely unheard of. Leslie Grace, unfortunately, had to suffer from both, as the film was scrapped and thrown in an unexpected move by the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav.

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Despite the backlash and controversy, according to Variety, Zaslav defended the decision, saying the overall quality of the film was not up to their standards and was unsuitable for any form of release. Even though the film is no longer canon for the DCEU and will likely never be seen, those anticipating its release can only hope that Grace will somehow return to the role in a future project.

9 Angela Bassett: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith may have been one of the most successful films for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but there were quite a few other famous faces who were set to make appearances in supporting roles. According FilmWebAngela Bassett was originally cast as Brad Pitt’s character boss, John Smith, and while she’s still in the movie, it’s impossible to really see her.

Ultimately, Bassett’s role was drastically reduced and reduced to a mere vocal cameo. His physical inclusion may not have done much to match the best films of Bassett’s career, but the mystery of his character was something it would have been fun to explore further.

8 Chris Farley: Shrek

Most people associate the titular Dreamworks character with the Scottish brogue Mike Myers gave him, but Shrek was almost an entirely different movie, as fellow Saturday Night Live alum, Chris Farley, was originally intended to voice the grumpy green ogre. According Yahoo NewsFarley had almost all of his dialogue recorded before his untimely death caused production to shut down.

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Because the role was specifically designed for Farley, the character had to be completely rewritten before Myers was cast. A brief scene composed of the original storyboards and featuring Farley’s original audio was leaked online in 2015, and it became a bittersweet reminder of Farley’s talents and the potential he had to take them in other directions.

seven Rik Mayall: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

As with most book-to-screen adaptations, all aspects of the original Harry Potter novels may have been part of the film series. One of those missing elements was the character of Peeves, a mischievous poltergeist wandering the halls of Hogwarts, but it’s a little-known fact that the character was originally meant to appear in the first film.

Comedic actor Rik Mayall was cast in the role, but not all scenes that featured him sadly survived the final cut of the film. However, the footage may not be lost after all, as director Chiris Columbus came up with the idea for a 3-hour director’s cut that would include Mayall’s deleted footage in its entirety.

6 Shailene Woodley: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

There was a lot of deleted footage and things that could have done The Amazing Spider-Man 2 different, one of which was the introduction of Peter Parker’s primary love interest, Mary Jane Watson. Shailene Woodley was cast in the role and filmed several scenes, none of which were included in the final cut, nor have they been released on any home media yet.

According looper, director Marc Webb had his scenes removed so that the film focused more on Peter’s relationship with Gwen Stacey. Although the film did not perform well enough for another sequel, the growing demand for a third installment following Andrew Garfield’s return to Spider-Man: No Coming Home could be the key to Woodley finally getting her in the role.

5 Marlon BrandoBig Bug Man

Marlon Brando may be considered one of the greatest actors who ever lived, but one of his last roles was one no one had ever expected or even seen. According The Guardian the unfinished and unreleased animated film Fat insect man gave Brando the opportunity to do two things he had always wanted in his career: to play a woman and do a voice acting in an animated film.

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As the voice of the wicked old lady Mrs. Sour, Brando embraced her method by acting behind the microphone, donning a blonde wig during her recording sessions. Despite Brando fully taping his role before his death, no updates have been provided on the film for over 18 years, and his final performance currently remains buried and unheard of.

4 Eric Stoltz: Back to the Future

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly alongside Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy. It turns out, however, according to IndieWireit almost wasn’t, as Eric Stoltz had already been filming the role for six weeks until his replacement by Fox brought the filming schedule back to square one.

Despite his talent, Stoltz took the material too seriously and simply couldn’t bring out the humor needed for the character, which ultimately resulted in his firing. It all worked out in the end, as Fox not only made the comedy more effective, but the undeniable chemistry between him and Lloyd is something that couldn’t have worked with any other actor.

3 Tobey Maguire: The Life of Pi

It’s no secret that Tobey Maguire has gotten pretty picky with his more recent movies, but even he couldn’t turn down Ang Lee’s Oscar. Pi’s life. Lee originally cast Maguire in the small supporting role of “The Writer”, who listens to Pi’s survival story.

According looperMaguire’s performance was cut because Lee felt that casting such a recognizable movie star for such a small role would be far too distracting. In the end, Maguire agreed with Lee’s reasoning, and the role was taken over entirely by actor Rafe Spall.

2 Kevin Spacey: All the Money in the World

At one time, Kevin Spacey was considered one of the most revered actors of all time, but since a deluge of sexual assault allegations blew up his reputation in 2017, his career has been virtually non-existent. The allegations even caused him to lose a major role in Ridley Scott All the money in the worldone that had already been fully shot and even had an Oscar campaign planned around it.

According Deadline, Scott took on the challenge of recasting and reprising the role of J. Paul Getty with Christopher Plummer just a month before the film’s release date. The removal of Spacey’s performance not only saved the film from drowning in potential controversy, but it also helped create one of Plummer’s most memorable screen roles.

1 Jerry Lewis: The Day the Clown Cried

Jerry Lewis has become a controversial figure since his death in 2017, especially with the ongoing legend behind his unreleased film, The day the clown cried. The film tells the story of a circus clown in a World War II concentration camp and was originally written as a drama, but Lewis made revisions to the script, adding one-liners and slapstick. a la Charlie Chaplin that took away the more serious nature of the story. .

According SlashFilm, Lewis’ personal embarrassment over the film, as well as several legal complications, prevented the film from being fully completed and released. A rough cut of the film was donated by Lewis to the Library of Congress in 2015, on the condition that it remain unseen until after 2024, so it is still possible that the film and the performance he worked so hard to keep hidden are discovered sooner. rather than later.

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