LIGER review – The film also stammers

Finally available is the highly anticipated mass action drama starring vijay deverakonda and puri Jagannadh. Puri Jagannadh’s follow-up project is Liger, while Vijay Deverakonda had a delayed release in the meantime. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the film received a lot of attention. It only got bigger with funding, an action-packed kickboxing backdrop and an all-India focus. Due to the excitement and buzz surrounding the project, vijay deverakonda is considering opportunities near Tier 1 stars. In other words, if the actor has been successful, his gross will be comparable to theirs. Following Liger’s win, he will begin the ascent to Tier 1 star status.

VD and Ramya Krishnan are both from Karimnagar and the film starts well with an introductory fight in a market in Mumbai. ramya krishnan joins his son in MMA training classes after this fight, then comes ananya Panday. His intro song is too ordinary. The love trail between them is too poor. The first half of a stammering Liger is held by Vijay Deverakonda. He is the foundation. The remaining material is conventional, predictable puri jagannadh fare with a weak plot. The movie needs a solid second half to really take off. Unfortunately, the second half only got worse.

Liger steps into the ring, claims the first national title and leaves for Los Angeles. Excessive use of stuttering while speaking dialogues quickly slows down your speech. Due to excess vijay deverakonda, it has lost some of its original freshness. Another episode that will test your patience is Lady Fighters in Las Vegas. Mike Tyson is a complete mess, and we’re puzzled as to how he was selected for such a useless position. Coka Song Picturing is beautiful. A good one to complete the film’s ridiculous premise. Liger gives a pass to the ordinary in the first half with a manageable and decent performance. However, with an awkward preclimax and climax, the second half turns drastically negative. Unfortunately, Puri missed a huge chance with Liger.

The plot of “Liger” is poorly conducted and predictable. The hard work was done by Vijay Deverakonda, who also has a strong screen presence. director puri did not produce any interesting scenes.


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