Lindsay Lohan on Her New Christmas Movie, Her Return to Movies, and If She Ever Does ‘Freaky Friday’ Again


Now, I love the car scene in the movie, when you sing “Jingle Bell Rock.” Was it an intentional nod to your icon mean girls dance sequence?

At the time, I think the director knew it was intentional, but I was in character, so I wasn’t thinking about it. Then when we did, on the second take, it clicked. I was like, “Wait, where are we going with this?” Then I thought to myself, “It would be funny if I did the mean girls dance at the end of the film. Or should I [record] the song.” And it was a total joke. But after they finished the movie, they were like, “Would you please do it?”

I like that you are done recording it as a single. I’ve always loved your music, and it’s been a minute since we’ve had a new track. How was it, coming back into the studio?

It was nerve wracking because I hadn’t been in the studio for so long. My sister, Aliana, did two songs for the movie, so I relied on her to do it and me to get by without having to! But then I was like, okay, this is my first movie in a while, and I did sings a lot on my movie soundtracks [in the past]so might as well give it to my supporters and go all-in.

Do you think you will make more music in the future?

I don’t know, we’ll see.

Did you ever expect that mean girls scene to become as iconic as it is now?

I didn’t expect it, and it still makes me so happy today! It’s such a blessed feeling to see how it makes people feel, and just the fact that people dress like any of the mean girls characters – it really opened so many doors for all of us in so many ways.

I want to ask you some general questions about vacations. Are you crazy about Christmas?

I’m crazy about Thanksgiving. I love Christmas, but I to like Thanksgiving based on food. I love family getting together and cooking. It’s so nice to be with family and to make it a point to be with family during the holidays. Now I have a niece, so she can do everything for the first time. It’s really something exciting.


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