Looks Like A Movie, But It’s A Real $3.6 Billion Stolen Crytpo Bust


The DOJ sends a message with its new high-profile case in New York seizing the $3.6 billion in bitcoins. Meet the actors of a “game” gone wrong.

In what looks like a Hollywood movie, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has done most of the heavy lifting. cryptocurrency make history by recovering $3.6 billion. Crypto can be known to have a dark side. For example, it is linked to the environmental impact through high energy consumption. It is also linked to criminal activities.

The 24/7, decentralized and unregulated nature of crypto is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it allows users around the world to access a “more free“. On the other hand, it opens doors to the underworld to execute all types of shady transactions. As a result, crypto has been linked to terrorism, drug cartels, hackers, ransomware, money laundering. money and all kinds of scams.


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In the spotlight of the DOJ’s new crypto case, a New York couple, Heather Morgan and her husband, Ilya Lichtenstein, have been indicted for allegedly conspiring to launder $3.6 billion in bitcoins. The DOJ says the money came from the 2016 Bitfinex heist. The case gained media recognition not just for the amount stolen. The defendant, Heather Morgan, calls herself “Wall Street Crocodile,” is a regular contributor to Inc. magazines and Forbesand a rapper with strong opinions about the world.

Pretty tied up: a strong message from the DOJ

black and white bitcoin
black and white bitcoin

Morgan, aka “Wall Street Crocodile,” A.K.A “Razzlekhan“became infamous around the world just minutes after the DOJ released the bust. His still-open online rap site, Razzlekhan, plays squeaky rap music with a dark tone, blending a “bad attitudewith finance. Morgan also ironically wrote about cybercriminal activity for Forbes and Inc.. His Forbes author profile is also still active and reads: “When she’s not reverse-engineering black markets to find better ways to fight fraud and cybercrime, she enjoys rapping and designing streetwear fashion.“, she, also always active. She calls her musical art that”often feels like something between an acid trip and a delicious nightmare,and that couldn’t be truer for her now.

The DOJ has accused Morgan and her husband Lichtenstein of trying to cover their tracks by laundering stolen funds via “a maze of cryptocurrency transactions.Yet no one knows who stole the 119,756 Bitcoins in 2016. The DOJ claims to have evidence that 119,754 Bitcoins were transferred to a wallet allegedly controlled by Lichtenstein. The stolen Bitcoins were worth $71 million in 2016. Today today, they would be worth more than $5.3 billion.

While Morgan is “quite attached“In this case, most of the DOJ’s accusations fall on her husband, Lichtenstein. The DOJ is using this case to send a clear message.”Today Federal Law Enforcement is once again demonstrating that we can track money through the blockchain and will not allow cryptocurrency to be a safe haven for money laundering. or an area of ​​anarchy within our financial system.DOJ Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite Jr. said. The DOJ only seized 94,636 bitcoins from Lichtenstein’s wallet. crypto The heist funds are said to be mysteriously inaccessible to law enforcement due to the failure to decrypt the digital wallet files.

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Source: DOJ, ForbesRazzlekhan

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