Malaysian film music producer Santosh praised



The music produced by Santosh Logendran has been praised by filmmakers, including empire owner Skop Productions Sdn Bhd Datuk Yusof Haslam who considers Santosh’s touch to be world-class, Berita Harian reported.

In addition to the plot, the actors and the filming techniques, the musical element of a film is no less important to give a soul to the work produced.

The film Mat Kilau: Kebangkitan Pahlawan, which has grossed over RM90 million, is still being talked about, but many may not know the person behind producing the musical score with a Malay soul.

Santosh, 30, who began his career as a music engineer around nine years ago, said his work would have been better with a bigger budget.

“Even with a tight budget, I tried to give the best touch. In total, it took me six months to complete the entire musical score for the film because there were a lot of changes at the last minute,” said he added.

He studied traditional music from an early age, and the exposure gave Santosh an understanding of the country’s music.

> Shopkeepers in Pasar Tani Kekal Lekir, Lumut, Perak are struggling with fewer customers visiting their stores, malaysia reported.

One of the traders said that customers were not coming even though their shops were in a strategic location, namely on the main road between Teluk Intan and Lumut.

Another trader, Osman Mutalip, 58, said he has been dealing with the problem since the movement control order was announced.

It has remained the same so far even though people are free to move around.

“I open my shop every day in the morning and I close around 4 p.m. Even if I open later, there will be no customers and I end up getting tired,” Osman added.

> The BMX bicycle which became a craze among teenagers in the 1980s continues to be sought after by collectors both abroad and at home today, Cosmo! reported.

BMX Appollo is one of the most popular brands around and has reached the price of thousands of ringgits.

This bike was also used by the country’s famous actor, Faizal Hussein, in a movie called Bujang Selamat and would be a unique and hard to get item now.

The report says that a survey of several social media sites as well as online shopping sites revealed that the BMX Appollo fetched RM5,000 apiece.

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