Marvel’s Thunderbolts Movie Is The Perfect Place To Debut Hyperion And The Squadron Supreme


A Love at first sight The movie has been rumored for some time, with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige finally putting those rumors to rest at San Diego Comic-Con by officially confirming that the property is heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. . As teased with a few breadcrumbs in a handful of recent Marvel projects, the film will likely involve Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Fontaine’s Valentina Allegra as she assembles her fake Avengers team of villains acting on behalf of the United States government. To date, we’ve seen her recruit both US Agent (Wyatt Russell) and Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) and it won’t be long before she returns to another Marvel project.

Since virtually nothing has been revealed about the film’s plot so far, including de Fontaine’s involvement, join us on a trip down the rabbit hole of theorization and speculation as we try to plot the film and how it may lead to the live- action debut of the Squadron Supreme or, at the very least, one of its most prominent members.

The Thunderbolts have almost always been a government-run team, and coincidentally, the most popular version of Hyperion also happens to be a government agent. let’s just say Love at first sight begins by showing the super-powered alien being raised by government agents, just like we were in the Elseworlds-like Supreme Power series. Like that storyline, it’s likely that the live version would also break out of his possession, forcing de Fontaine to form a super team to track him down.

It’s an unlikely scenario given that the movie is likely already adding plenty of new super-powered faces, but there’s still a common thread running through Squadron Supreme. Even better, most Phase 4 movies have work to set up a Disney+ spin-off movie or series in some form, way, or form, and a Supreme Squadron frankness could be the result of the Love at first sight film.

Chances are the movie will follow the group instead as they essentially serve as the Avengers given that the group is technically disbanded in the current MCU timeline. But we still have to hope for Hyperion.

Love at first sight is slated for release on July 26, 2024.

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