Maverick’ is actually the gayest movie of the year


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This week:

  • A very cheerful film.
  • An even more gay film!
  • A very cheerful video.
  • An even more gay video!
  • The gayest of them all. (Happy Pride Month!)

Really, Top Gun: Maverick Is the gayest thing this week

Last weekend I made my own gay pilgrimage. I took my sad little self to the nearby Alamo Drafthouse, swallowed mozzarella sticks, and raved about the sequel to one of the gayest movies of all time, Superior gun.

Top Gun: Maverick is a perfect movie. No notes. Tom Cruise? The weirdest fucking movie star in the world, but damn awesome in this movie. The action sequences? My normally indifferent ass lived for them. Jennifer Connelly? Never been better! And homosexuality? Through the roof. Off the charts. Shooting for Mach 9 but feeling a little cheeky and pushing it to Mach 10 instead.

Scott Garfield/Paramount Pictures

I speak with confidence on behalf of a large segment of the population when I say that, when one thinks of the 1986 film Superior gun, the first thing that comes to mind is not a person in a fighter jet. These are brilliant biceps flexed during a shirtless game of beach volleyball.

The scene is legendary. For some, it has become a pop culture joke. For the most enlightened, it is sacred. As one of my favorite writers, Dave Holmes, recently wrote in Squire“The Superior gun volleyball scene is not homoerotic. It’s homosexual.”

“If you were a certain type of teenager in 1986, the beach volleyball scene in Superior gun spoke to you directly,” he continued. “And what he was saying was, ‘You’re gay now. Good luck.’ From personal experience, I can say this is a truth that extends to no matter when you first saw it.

But it wasn’t just the volleyball scene. (Even though it is a lot the volleyball scene.)

It was Tom Cruise who was so incredibly handsome. He was the one with the perfect, but achievable, haircut. We love a good movie haircut! It was fashion iconography, these aviators! It was a sex camp. Try telling me whoever decided to stage a love scene on “Take My Breath Away” with sheer linen curtains billowing in the background wasn’t gay. And it was homoeroticism in overdrive between the pilots. As we all know, there is nothing more gay in this world than straight men. Every interaction between these characters lived up to that truth.

It’s a lot for Top Gun: Maverick up to it, and he delivered.

He delivered a proud successor to the volleyball scene with the shirtless football match, played in the surf at dusk, canonically the gayest moment of the day. It gave us 59-year-old Tom Cruise, shirtless, looking better than ever in this game – daddy’s grace notes on top of an already homoerotic scene. The film’s score is a constant tease of a powerful Lady Gaga ballad, which finally explodes at the end as the audience is just moved to tears. The main plot involves generational trauma and, let’s face it, it doesn’t get more gay than that.

All that to say, if you want to be an ally this Pride month, check it out Top Gun: Maverick.

No, this music video is the gayest thing this week

Some say it’s horrible how brands and companies parachute into activism during the 30 days of Pride month, put rainbow flags on things and suck up queer dollars before ignore the community for the next 11 months. After experiencing “Taste So Good (The Cann Song)” and its music video this week, I say to brands: Never stop.

The description alone on this video is already legendary. “For #PrideMonth, queer brand Cann, in partnership with Weedmaps, brought together pioneering LGBTQ+ artists, advocates and allies for an iconic music video celebrating queer love, inclusivity and cannabis.” It is certainly a collection of words!

But three of them are more important than the others – “iconic music video” – a match that this 100% lives up to.

I don’t know what’s going on in Judy Garland’s name, but somehow cannabis drink company Cann has managed an absolutely absurd assemblage of celebrities, including Gus Kenworthy, Kornbread of RuPaul’s Drag RaceSarah Michelle Gellar (?) and Patricia Arquette (?!?!?) to put on latex suits and perform choreography while singing on a dance floor that extols the virtues of this drink.

That’s what pride means to me.

Wrong, this video is the gayest thing this week

That said, there’s no bigger skewer of Pride commodification than the comedian and hacks star “Hi Gay!” by Meg Stalter video.

In the original video from last year, she played a character who owned a butter shop and offered a special “if you can prove you’re queer.” His shop also started selling candles. “Wouldn’t a candle be nice for the gay stuff?” In the bedroom, or just hanging out! We wouldn’t…” Her shop has been making butter since 1945, she said, “And we’ve been accepting everyone for…the last four months. So yes, we’re gagging you to taste Cecily’s Butter Shop.

As a gift for all of us, Stalter released a sequel to video this week, opening again, in iconic fashion, with “Hi gay!” “On a scale from regular sex to ass play, we’re more lesbian than ever,” says Cecily. “We think gay people are fine. At least for the next 30 days.

Savor it perfect video here.

I laugh. The gayest thing this week is this.

Sara Ramírez was on the cover of Variety this week discussing his polarizing character Che Diaz from And just like that

This is a magazine cover, my friends. He’s such a troll. Give him a Pulitzer. A Nobel. A special Tony Award.

I want it on a tote bag. I want it on a T-shirt. I want it framed above my bed, and also screen printed on my duvet cover. I want to take wallet-sized versions with me to hand out like parents do with their kids’ school photos. It’s all I’m living for this week, and maybe forever.

Either way, happy pride month.

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