Maverick on track to become 5th highest grossing film at US box office


Top Gun: Maverick soars even higher into the stratosphere as the sequel is on course to become the fifth highest-grossing film of all time. The movie, which follows Tom Cruise’s 1986 hit decades later Superior gun, features the star returning to the role of star pilot Maverick. He is now responsible for teaching a whole new generation of young pilots who are preparing for the mission of their lives. Maverick’s new class includes Rooster Bradshaw (MIles Teller), the son of his former classmate, Goose, who died during the events of the original film. The rest of the ensemble cast includes Glen Powell, Jon Hamm, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly and Val Kilmer reprising the role of Iceman.


While some may have thought that 36 years was too long to wait for a sequel to Superior gun, maverick proved them all wrong with its massive box office success. Even in the era of the pandemic, where box office receipts have been particularly wobbly, even for films that would once have been considered sure things, it has consistently broken records and climbed into the Top 10 domestic films. the most successful of all. time. Unusually for a film with this kind of box office pull, grossings were more or less even in domestic and international markets, with $700 million in the United States and $740 million internationally combined for a staggering $1.44 billion worldwide gross at the time of writing. , blowing the original Superior gun$357.3 million gross out of the water, even after adjusting for inflation.

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By THRthat extremely slow Labor Day weekend box office, in which the only novelty was the Sundance comedy Honk for Jesus. Save your soul., is led by a pair of sequences. The reissue of Spider-Man: No Way Home The Funniest Version took first place, but was closely followed by Top Gun: Maverick at No. 2 with an estimated $7 million total over four days. This will bring its cumulative domestic gross to over $700 million, on track to become the fifth highest-grossing domestic film of all time.

Top Gun: Maverick will push Black Panther of the National Top 5, as this film made $700.4 million in the United States. Box office analysts originally didn’t think maverick would be able to achieve that, considering it’s the film’s 15th weekend at the box office and it’s already been released on digital, another arena where Top Gun: Maverick excelled, breaking the first week sales record. However, if the film wants to keep climbing, it will have to take another huge leap, earning another $60 million to beat Avataris $760.5 million domestic gross.

Top Gun: Maverick has proven so far that its success cannot be underestimated. It’ll likely continue its staggering Top 5 run for the rest of the month, as there’s a dearth of new blockbuster movies on the way. It will take until the last two weekends of the month for the film to face major competition, by Olivia Wilde don’t worry darlingthe LGBTQ+ romantic comedy Brothersand the supernatural shock Smile.

Source: THR


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