Mila Kunis Reveals When The Jupiter Ascending Crew Knew The Movie Was Going To Blow Up


Mila Kunis recently appeared on the “Happy Sad Confused” Podcast and referred to the unsavory fate of “Jupiter Ascending.” Surprisingly, most of those involved saw the film’s failure coming from a mile away, no matter how hard they tried to make it a success. The main culprit? Budget cuts. “When did we know [the movie would flop]? Before we started production, because our production was cut in half,” Kunis said, emphasizing how much of a difference that loss of money would have made in the long run. Nonetheless, the studio’s decision to cut the allocation of the film hurt him enormously.

Love it or hate it, it’s a shame “Jupiter Ascending” didn’t find its footing. After all, everyone involved did their best given the financial situation, and it’s a shame that their efforts didn’t pay off. While that might be a good thing, it didn’t become a hit worthy of a sequel or two, bearing in mind how turbulent the atmosphere on set was apparently. “‘Jupiter Ascending’ was a nightmare from the jump. It was a side movie. We were all there for seven months, busting our hump. It was just hard,” Channing Tatum said. Variety in an interview.

All in all, “Jupiter Ascending” didn’t quite pull it off. It was promising, but between budget cuts and tumultuous production, it had been fighting an uphill battle from the start.


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