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AMC Town Center 20 located at 11701 Nall Ave., Leawood, Kansas.

The fan-favorite movie ticket subscription platform Movie Pass is relaunching this month, and Kansas City is one of its first new homes.

The concept is simple: by paying a fixed monthly subscription to the service, moviegoers can see movies in theaters for less than it would cost to buy tickets individually. In return, movie theaters receive regular visitors at a time when competition with digital streaming platforms is fierce.

Are you a cinephile already registered for the company’s deployment or simply a curious cinephile who wants to know more? Here’s what you need to know about the new MoviePass in Kansas City.

How does the subscription work?

By paying a monthly membership fee, members will receive virtual “credits” that they can redeem for movie tickets. Tickets will vary in “value” depending on when and where the films are shown. The service is organized into three levels:

  • Basic: $10 per month, lets you see 1-3 movies

  • Standard: $20 per month, lets you see 2-4 movies

  • Pro: $30 per month, lets you see 3-5 movies

cinema pass levels
The new MoviePass app will have three subscription tiers for avid moviegoers, shown here in a graphic the company shared with Business Insider. Movie Pass

While the company hasn’t specified how the credit system will work, the basic idea is that primetime showings of new blockbuster hits will be more valuable than repeat screenings of off-peak films.

For example, if you choose the “Basic” plan, you might have to choose between seeing a blockbuster on a Friday night, two movies a week on weeknights, or three less popular movies during mornings.

How can I register?

Currently, there is a full waiting list to join the new service. When the service launches in each city, those on the waitlist will receive an email from MoviePass explaining how to join.

While you can’t add your name to the list now, you do have the option of being invited by a movie-going friend once the service launches.

“Each person who joins the waitlist will receive 10 friend invites that they can send to friends when they become a member of the service,” MoviePass wrote on his site. Currently there are approximately 775,000 people on the waiting list Across the country.

When does the service launch in Kansas City?

The rollout began on Monday, but some Kansas Citians on the waitlist told us they hadn’t yet received a registration email. Are you a member of the new MoviePass? Let us know how you like it at

Chicago and Dallas are the two other cities where the platform is launching before it arrives in the rest of the country. The service will be available nationwide in the coming months.

Where can I watch MoviePass movies?

According to MoviePass, “the new service will feature all major theaters that accept major credit cards in the United States.” We don’t yet know which Kansas City independent theaters will be included, but we’ll update this article when we know.

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