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It makes perfect sense to make Dwayne Johnson a superhero. In fact, that might make too much sense. Like, that’s a bit too much on the nose. Here’s a guy who’s hugely built and athletically gifted, with a seemingly limitless arsenal of charisma, money, and fame. Heck, the guy spent years convincing arenas full of people that he could hurt his wrestling opponents just by taking off his elbow pad, doing a silly little dance, bouncing off the ropes and landing on them with his elbow in first. He practically already has superpowers. So “Black Adam” has to do something special in the scripting department to make this movie stand out from all the other Dwayne Johnson actors. The good news is that it is. The bad news is that what it does differently, it doesn’t do very well.

In a nutshell, Teth-Adam (he isn’t called “Black” Adam until late in the movie) is an ancient warrior from the kingdom of Kahndaq, imbued with the powers of the same council of wizards responsible for Shazam in the DC Extended Universe. . . Buried for 5,000 years, he is awakened by Dr. Adrianna Tomaz (Sarah Shahi), under the life-threatening orders of the evil Ishmael Gregor’s (Marwan Kenzari) henchmen. In his bewildered state, Adam doesn’t know who he can trust, but it’s definitely not the henchmen pointing guns at him. He goes on a killing spree, taking out the immediate threats, then their reinforcements, then those people’s reinforcements, and so on until he becomes a threat on a global scale.

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