Munsters Movie Images Reveal Glimpse of Herman and New Characters


As Rob Zombie nears the end of production on The Munsters, the director has released a new image revealing our best look yet at Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster. In previous previews, we’ve seen Herman in black-and-white or blurry photos, and he was seen in action in a grainy video also recently leaked. In one of his most recent instagram posts, Zombie has included a series of photos detailing how to make a homemade Herman costume, and at the end is a brand new image of Phillips from the film.

Zombie says in the caption, “Many of you have commented on Herman’s excellent makeup and asked how can I do this for my next cosplay? Well, here are the real Hollywood secrets! Now you can be a real Herman!”


“Man oh man, I spent days up to my elbows in papier-mâché trying to recreate this helmet as a kid. Luckily we had an incredibly talented fx team that made the magic of this movie,” said said Phillips in the comments.

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Rob Zombie also revealed two new characters

Another Instagram post from Rob Zombie features two more characters from the film. Previously, Zombie announced that Jeremy Wheeler would play the movie version of Mr. Gateman, Herman Munster’s boss. As Zombie reveals, Mr. Gateman will have two assistants, and both of their images can be seen in the Instagram post below.

“Well, you can’t expect Mr. Gateman to run the funeral home all by himself,” says Zombie. “I give you his partners in the death business… MR. GOODBURY played by Roderick Hill and MR. GRAVES played [by] Mark Griffith.”

“Two lovely actors. A pleasure to work with,” noted grandfather Dan Roebuck.

Phillips also commented, “Roderick & Mark had the chops to get the job done…literally! Great job gentlemen.”

Zombie has been on a roll with so many character reveals, including various Munster family members like Tomas Boykin as Lily Lester’s werewolf brother and the return of Uncle Gilbert in behind-the-scenes footage. Zombie also announced that the original The Munsters Star Pat Priest, who played Marilyn in the classic sitcom, had joined the cast of the film. It is unclear if she will play a new incarnation of Marilyn, as no other actors have been announced for this role, or another character. Eddie Munster’s status has also not been revealed, although it seems likely that Butch Patrick is involved, given his friendship with Zombie.

There is no officially announced release date for The Munsters. Some rumors claim that the film will be released in both theaters and on Peacock, while other rumors suggest that it will be a Netflix exclusive. In any case, the film should arrive later this year. It’s also been reported that the film will be PG-rated, the first from director Rob Zombie, who will take inspiration from the original comedy series he’s such a big fan of.

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