Name one or two iconic films from the city and tell us why you think so

Gopal Krishna Raj, goldsmith

The hype at the Majestic Circle while filming Dr. Rajkumar’s great song from the movie “Aakasmika” will forever be etched in my mind. This song still beats in every Bengalurianheart and evokes a sense of unity.

Puneeth, student

I remember my grandfather making me watch ‘Pushpaka Vimana’ which was filmed at Windsor Manor Hotel (which is now ITC Windsor). This film shows how bangalore was back in 1987.

Sriram Raju, BM Reader

During my college days, I remember the whole town was intrigued to watch Coolie just to watch the very quirky song “Lambuji Lambuji” which was shot in Cubbon ParkBig Banyan Tree and Nandi Hills.

Harshitha Chandrashekar

“Bangalore Days” is my favorite movie of all time. This film beautifully portrays a real concept of adulthood.

Dr NK Satya Pal Sharma
BM reader

Bengaluru is truly a hub of many memorable films. ‘Bangalore Mail’, ’27 Mavalli Circle’, ‘Nodi Swami Naveerode Heege’ and several other films were shot at various locations like Lalbagh, Supreme Court courtyard and beauty Vidhana Sudha.

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