Netflix Movie ‘Collision Course’ Review – Harmful Effects of Social Categorization


With groups like TARZ active in Nigeria, the film shows the police brutality that has resulted in the death of many people. Misusing the uniform, the police kidnap people who travel alone at night and rob them. It’s nothing less than armed robbery, and it’s a crime. Those who give them money are left to live, and the others have been killed.

Mide is a young artist who enjoys creating music. His father is a wealthy man and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. But Mide chose his path and chose music despite practicing law. He has a very loving and caring girlfriend, Hannah. She is pregnant with his child and they are both getting married soon. To provide for his child and his future wife, Mide works very hard. He had an encounter with TARZ in the past, and it affected his life a lot as now he has panic attacks and also has nightmares.

Magnus is a policeman who works day and night. His salary is very low so he cannot support his family. Because of his low income, they have to live in slums, and Ekaette (his wife) doesn’t like living like that. She is seen threatening him again and again, and she is not wrong to do so as they lost a child in the past to poverty.

In greed for his promotion, Magnus even donated his children’s school fees to the Commander, the one who controls TARZ. But, the people of TARZ, including the Commander, ask Magnus to share his wife in exchange for the promotion. Since he adores his wife, he can’t do that. A strange encounter occurs between Magnus and Mide. This scene is the most important part of the film which will make the audience realize several things.

I think Collison Course is an important movie for people to watch. It won’t be a surprise if this movie wins big awards in the future. A very long process must have been necessary to make the film as it is. Highlighting these issues and showing all the little details is not an easy task. In all aspects, this film is a masterpiece as it shows the harsh reality that people have to face in their day to day lives.

The chaos created by social stratification based on who earns how much has led to increased crime rates in developing countries like Nigeria. With such an important message at the core, I urge everyone to watch the movie at least once.

Final score – [8.5/10]
Reviewed by – Riya Singh
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