New alien movie in development from director Don’t Breathe


Ridley Scott will produce a new standalone Alien movie, which will be written and directed by Fede Alvarez.

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the Extraterrestrial the franchise has come a long way since its relatively small origin in 1979, and now it looks like a new standalone film in the franchise is coming thanks to don’t breathe filmmaker Fede Alvarez. According to sources, the new movie will not be related to either the upcoming TV series or the previous films of the Extraterrestrial franchise, although Ridley Scott will be on board to produce the new film, which has reportedly been picked up by 20th Century Studios “purely on the strength of Fede’s pitch.”

The Hollywood Reporter revealed the news on the project, which is believed to be part of 20th Century Studios’ plans to produce 10 movies a year for the Disney-owned Hulu platform. It would be the first feature film based on Xenomorphs since Disney bought Fox, which owned the rights to the franchise. While the Disney deal has struck fear into the hearts of many fans of the formerly R-rated film series, the news that it will be Hulu bound should at least allay some fears that the film will be downgraded to a PG-13 rating.


Over 40 years Extraterrestrial franchise spawned three direct sequels, two crossover films with the Predator franchise, and two prequel films that continued to build on the story of a race of vicious creatures who employ “facehuggers” to implant their embryos into living hosts who then “give birth” to the new alien through the chest , which obviously doesn’t end well for the host.

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The Alien franchise is clearly on Disney’s radar as a big IP for the future

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The Disney/Fox merger has created a period of uncertainty for many “adult-themed” franchises that were previously owned by Fox. However, in the grand scheme of things, Disney has its family outing and they also have an entertainment stream for other content on Hulu in the US and on Star via Disney+ internationally, with both platforms requiring new and engaging content to maintain subscriber numbers. . Because of this, it’s very much in Disney’s interest to keep its best-known IPs alive, which means delivering what audiences expect from a franchise, even if that means it has to be R-rated.

There is currently nothing known about the new Extraterrestrial movie, but sources said Alvarez had been working on the idea for a long time. According to the report, the filmmaker has always been a big fan of the franchise and launched his Extraterrestrial idea to Ridley Scott years ago. Last year, it seems Scott decided to call Alvarez and ask if he still wanted to do the movie. 20th Century President Steve Asbell said, “It was just a really good story with a bunch of characters you’ve never seen before.”

This isn’t the first former franchise Alvarez is trying to leave his mark on, having previously written and directed the 2013 evil Dead remake and co-wrote and produced Netflix Chainsaw Massacre movie. While the latter hasn’t quite been successful with many, it will be interesting to see what he can do with the Extraterrestrial franchise by mostly keeping it separate from the rest of the series.

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