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Moviegoers grab your popcorn and get ready! A movie directed by Peters First Nation member and filmmaker Andrew Genaille is currently available to view – and it was shot entirely on the iPhone 12.

Shot on assignment, Genaille’s second feature, Rehab, was shot in 19 days using three iPhone 12s. ‘crew. He also provided much-needed versatility throughout all stages of filming and production.

“Yeah, no, I love shooting with iPhones and cell phones,” says Genaille. “It was funny because when we came up with the proposal, I had a page and a half about why I wanted to shoot on the [iPhone 11]. And, while we were waiting for funding, the iPhone 12 was released. I picked one out and took some test shots. My cinematographer did some tests on it, and we were able to send the test images and they were all excited.

Starring Tahmoh Penikett, Eric Jonson and Jennifer Podemski, Rehab centers on one man – coping with the recent loss of his father, which forces a famous actor to live in the woods until he gets sober. Penikett plays Jacob, a First Nations man whose daughter is obsessed with famed actor Brad, a famous actor struggling with his separation from his wife. Brad is played by Johnson.

“It’s the story of a guy who faces death all around him, says Genaille. “When I wrote this script, it was maybe two months after my dad died. And it was maybe 11 years after my grandfather died. So I got to see my father going through his grieving process. And then, you know, I went through mine and was able to compare it.

Genaille says his love for movies began at an early age, when his family was still living on military bases, and stayed with him throughout his life. Born in Saskatchewan, Genaille moved to Hope as a teenager and attended Hope High School. He is an alumnus of Victoria Motion Picture School and Capilano College (now Capilano University) which he attended for their film program. Besides Rehab, Genaille also wrote and directed the feature film White Indians Walking and wrote the screenplay for Two Indians Talking.

He has written, directed and produced numerous television series, short videos and animated shorts.

His next feature, which he plans to shoot on the iPhone 14, will be shot in Chilliwack. This time, mixing drama and science fiction, the story will focus on an indigenous community returning home after a UFO takes up residence above their reservation.

“I like to take situations that are usually dramatic and dark and turn them into comedies,” says Genaille. “They are easy to digest. It’s also easier to get through a drama laughing rather than crying. You can have this whole emotional journey with, basically, dark comedy dramas — with comedy dramas.

Those interested can watch Rehab on iTunes, Xbox, Youtube and Googleplay.



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