New Iron Man Movie Will Adapt Iconic Comic Book Storyline


The Next Iron Man Movie Actually Takes On The Script Of The Expected Movie Armor Wars TV show and repurpose it into a feature film.

Armor Wars is a seven-issue Iron Man story arc published in the late 1980s that follows Iron Man as he discovers that Stark technology has been stolen and sold to Super Villains. At all costs, he hunts down those who use his armor with the help of Scott Lang – and we know that Walton Goggins (who plays Sonny Burch in Ant-Man and the Wasp) is signed for the project. Additionally, Justin Hammer is central to the comic book story and he was played by Sam Rockwell in iron man 2it is therefore possible that Rockwell will reprise his role.

Check out the trailer for secret invasion, which arrives at the beginning of 2023, here!

As such, we imagine the movie will largely follow the plot of the comic book arc, with a few changes. Tony Stark died at the end of Avengers: Endgame and so the task of getting the mighty technology back into the right hands will instead fall to James Rhodes. In addition, Armor Wars will resume the events of Secret Invasion.

“In the trailer you see that he has to face Nick [Fury.] He and Fury are going to be going all the way through this show, in terms of what they have to do, given what’s happened on this planet at this point,” actor Don Cheadle said in a post. interview with Variety. “It’s kind of a thriller and a different type of spectacle than what you usually see in the MCU, which is great that we can keep changing it and changing it. It’s so funny.”


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