Nollywood movie producers who landed the biggest deals in 2021


The impacts of Covid19 have been and are still being felt globally. In the months following the first epidemic, many sectors were temporarily closed. In an effort to slow and contain the spread of the virus, many governments have instituted non-essential business closure orders, keeping individuals classified as essential workers on the front lines while sending their non-essential counterparts home.

The entertainment industry was considered non-essential and as a result, the production of movies and TV shows was halted. Funke Akindele was detained by the police on suspicion of breaching the warrant.

Because most people were confined to their homes, they had to seek entertainment from the already existing media. This caused a boom in streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc. It was also during this period that Netflix Naija started to spread its wings. The streaming giant has started to make its presence known in Nigeria by allowing popular Nollywood movies from the 2010s to stream on its platform. He has also gone further by producing and co-producing more recent films. movies like Closed and Quote were acquired by Netflix for broadcast before they could be shown in local theaters. Presumably the buzz and success of movies like this encouraged Netflix to partner more with Nigerian producers and directors.

In 2021, as the world slowly weaves its way into a new normal, Nigerian producers seized the opportunity to make up for lost time – they struck deals and created content that not only impacted pop culture Nigerian, but also on the country. gross domestic product. Some of these producers have become household names, and the deals they’ve made individually in 2021 are nothing short of impressive. Some of these producers are Kemi Adetiba, Kunle Afolayan, Funke Akindele Bello and Mo Abudu to name a few.

Kemi Adetiba is a producer, director and screenwriter. best known for The wedding party, king of the boys, and King of Boys: The Return of the King, Adetiba is a producer who scored goal after goal. His latest work, the seven-episode limited series which is a sequel to his 2018 film, King of Boys, was released on Netflix in August 2021. Interestingly, Adetiba has not launched on Netflix, the streaming giant has asked if she was planning on doing a sequel and when she did, Netflix was there not only to license her work, but also to secure exclusive streaming rights.

Kunle Afolayan, the founder and CEO of Kunle Afolayan Productions Television (KAPTv) and Golden Effects Pictures, is a force in Nollywood. Thanks to his talent and his tenacity, he was able to make himself known very far with his company. Kunle Afolayan has several films in the list of highest grossing films of 2000s which show not only his skill in making films but also their profitability. Most of his recent filmography can be found on Netflix, which means a licensing deal with Kunle Afolayan’s production company. His last films, Swallow and Quote are exclusive to Netflix, after their premieres.

Funke Akindele Bello is another producer who works tirelessly. Her strong point is the dramatic comedies in which she often plays as well. Famous for his role as Jenifa in Jenifa’s Diary. She is a top notch Nollywood actress, director, producer and occasional writer.

His film, Omo Ghetto currently holds the record for becoming the highest-grossing film of all time in Nigeria, breaking the four-year record of Kemi Adetiba’s film titled “The Wedding Party” in 2016. According to a statement released by the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN), in January 2021, the film grossed N468,036,300 after maintaining its top spot for 3 consecutive weeks. Combined with his deal to license the film to Netflix, Funke Akindele struck gold.

Mo Abudu is the founder of EbonyLife Media, a media conglomerate including but not limited to EbonyLife Films, a production company responsible for films like ‘Fifty’ and ‘The wedding party’, and more.

In September 2020, Closed premiering on Netflix. Produced by Mo Abudu, the film was about human trafficking in Nigeria. A year later, on September 21, 2921, EbonyLife and Sony Pictures Television announced Hello, a new writers’ initiative that provides a unique platform for writers of African descent.

On November 29, 2021, it was announced that BBC Studios had signed a deal with EbonyLife Media for a development deal. The deal, which was brokered by CAA, will see BBC Studios Drama Productions develop a new action-adventure series with EbonyLife Media. Coincidentally, Mo Abudu made it into the Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women list for 2021. All of these deals combined might just make Mo Abudu the biggest-deal producer of the year.


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