OF THE DEVIL (2022) Movie Trailer: A Cure For Brain Tumors Comes With A Devilish Price In Kelton Jones’ Horror Film


Devil Trailer

Kelton JonesOf the devil (2022) movie trailer was released by Capless entertainment. The Of the devil trailer stars Vernon Wells, Robert La Sardo, Devanny Pinn, Vicki Gunvalson, Jonathan Stoddardand Eileen Dietz.


The screenplay is also written by Kelton Jones, from a story by James Cullen Bressack.


Plot Synopsis

Of the devilPlot Synopsis: “A desperate mother and father try to cure their eight-year-old son’s brain tumor by enlisting the help of a shamanic healer; when the ritual results in the child being possessed by an ancient demon, the father must now confront his own demons and resume his role as an ancient priest in order to save his son’s soul and protect humanity from the Evil that befalls him. he unleashed. ”

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Devil Trailer


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