One song, five dance masters …


Allu Arjun- Sukumar- Devisree Prasad .. These three are a successful combination. Arya, arya 2 .. Chart Busters in terms of audio.

The songs still play in those movies under the Evergreen name. A special mention should however be made to the songs in the article. The song ‘A ante Amalapuram’ in Arya has shaken a generation. ‘Ringa Ringa’ in arya 2 .. but the mass class is no different.

Now these three have met for the third time for Pushpa. There are huge expectations not only on the Pushpa movie but also on the audio. Especially on the song of the article.

The Floral Unit also took the song from the article with ambition. Samantha was convinced by this song. At first, Samantha didn’t show much interest. Sukumar, however, was very convincing and persuasive.

Samantha demanded mind-blowing pay but received as much as she asked for without further thought. Another testament to the seriousness with which the unit took the song of floral objects.

The five dance masters of this song. Five dance masters worked on this song. Johnny Master was first corrected for this object song. sukumar has good faith in Johnny, who got involved in mass dancing in ‘Jigelu Rani’ on stage.

Johnny, who has posted details on two separate occasions, dropped the Floral Objects song due to different call sheets he had due to the song’s incomplete and filming postponed.

Shekhar’s master, who was in good health after Johnny, was shot dead on the ground. Shekhar also composed master steps and rehearsed with samantha for two days.

However, allu arjun, who saw this rehearsal streak, expressed his displeasure. Sensing that there is nothing new in the choreography, bunny .. bollywood ganesh acharya was shot on the field.

Ganesh Acharya is the dance master of the song ‘Dakkodakko Meka’ in this movie. rabbit really liked this song. With this, Ganesh Kay entrusted the responsibility of the song of the article. But it didn’t stop there.

Bunny also involved two other choreographers who were with him. Took their entrees. Almost the whole team worked with Target to give the best result. bunny had high expectations on this object song. rabbit appears in the role of Gooni.

There are certain limits to doing such character dances. bunny did a lot of homework to keep fans entertained while respecting those boundaries. The Pushpa team believe this song will definitely be a blockbuster. And we have to see how entertaining this song is on screen.


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