Paul Thomas Anderson says Spider-Man will save movie theaters


Licorice Pizza director Paul Thomas Anderson says he’s happy Spider-Man: No Way Home is bringing people back to the movies.

Paul Thomas Anderson is the latest director to weigh in on the dominance of superhero films at the box office. And although his feelings are mixed, he remains optimistic about their overall impact and thinks Spider-Man: No Path Home may well save the industry.

The director spoke to The New Yorker on Licorice film, his acclaimed latest film. When asked what it was like to make mid-budget movies in a blockbuster world, Anderson noted how happy he was to work in his “own little corner of the sandbox.” As for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Fast Furious movies and other big franchises and if they are a godsend or a curse for low budget movies?

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“Obviously, it got even more complicated with the streaming and the glut kind of superhero movies,” Anderson said. “Most of the stuff that I don’t take too seriously. I mean, it seems there is a little bit of concern with superhero movies. I love them. It seems to be something that is popular these days. these days of wondering if, ‘I’ve ruined movies and all that stuff. I don’t feel like that. I mean, look, we’re all nervous people going back to the movie theater, but you know what’s gonna bring them back to theaters? Spider-Man. So let’s be happy about it. “

Over the past few years, everyone from Ridley Scott to Martin Scorsese has made their feelings known about superhero and comic book movies, with many respected directors poking fun at the genre and its alleged impact on the medium. . It’s clear that Anderson shares some of their concerns, despite being a fan of many films. And his claim that big movies and colorful characters bring people to theaters, thus supporting the industry and launching careers, is certainly a positive way to examine the cultural and financial dominance of Marvel and DC. .

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For Anderson, we are currently in an era of abundance when it comes to entertainment, and this excess of interest benefits those trying to break into the film business.

“There’s a lot of money right now for people to make movies,” Anderson said of the streaming. “When I started making movies, there was a lot of money for a window of time, and it was money for home video. If you could make a movie for, say, a million and a half, two million bucks, keep it under three, and you had a few genre elements, there was the home video component to make a movie that had to be fed. call it. It’s something that goes into your house and entertain you, right? So the playing field hasn’t drastically changed, you know? There’s money out there. “

Licorice Pizza is in theaters now. Spider-Man: No Path Home arrives December 17 in theaters.

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Source: The New Yorker

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