Pb Nsui Chief, the actor fights for the money of a film | Chandigarh News

AMRITSAR: A minor brawl broke out between Punjabi film actor Kartar Cheema and National Student Union of India (NSUI) President of Punjab Akshay Kumar over a monetary dispute here on Monday morning.
Akshay alleged that he received threatening calls from a person named Goldy Brar at the behest of Cheema after he demanded the return of his Rs 25 lakh which he claims he lent to Cheema. On the other hand, Cheema alleged that it was nothing more than Akshay’s publicity stunt to leverage his public image and seek government security cover.
While speaking to the media, Akshay said that Cheema would beat around the bush every time he asked him to return the money. “Several times I received phone calls from malicious elements at his insistence. The last time I received a call from a person identifying himself as Goldy Brar, who threatened to kill me. I also received calls from outside India,” he added.
It is unclear whether the person identified by Akshay as Goldy Brar is the same person who took responsibility for the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala.
Akshay alleged that Cheema, who is in Amritsar for a film shoot, approached the vehicle he was traveling in on Lawrence Road on Monday and waved it over. He alleged that Kartar warned him of the dire consequences while refusing to return his money.
Denying the allegations, the Punjabi actor said, “This is nothing but a publicity stunt by Akshay, who wants to take advantage of my public image.”
He claimed that Akshay partnered with him in the movie ‘Sikander 2’ and invested Rs 5 lakh but they suffered losses. “Instead of supporting me and standing by my side, he humiliates me, threatens me and insults me,” said Cheema, who claimed Akshay forcibly arrested him at Novelty Chowk but was saved by the jawans of the paramilitary forces deployed there. A police official said they brought Cheema, a resident of Sector 36 in Chandigarh, and Akshay, a resident of Chheherata, to the police station to register their complaints. When asked who Goldy Brar was, the official said they had yet to verify Akshay’s claims.

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