Prabhakaran’s life story will be made into a movie


The life of Velupillai Prabhakaran, the slain leader of the once feared Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who fought to have a separate Tamil nation carved out of Sri Lanka, may soon be made into a movie, with the courtesy of Naam Tamizhar Katchi (NTK) coordinator S Seeman.

Seeman, who praises Prabhakaran and the LTTE in almost all of his public meetings despite the organization’s ban in India, will produce the film which will likely be directed by ace filmmaker Vetrimaaran of Asuran and Visaranai fame.

In an announcement, Seeman said he would be producing two films in the near future, and both would be directed by Vetrimaaran. “Revolutionary Dr BR Ambedkar once said that people who have been ignored or boycotted by history will one day write their own history. The day when we will write our own history will come. The day the world will read the glorious past of the Tamils,” Seeman said.

While one will bring to life the “true story” of Raja Raja Cholan of the famous Chola dynasty who ruled parts of modern Tamil Nadu on the big screen, the second will focus on the life of “Prabhakaran, the fighter of the unprecedented freedom of the century,” said the director-turned-politician. However, Seeman gave no deadline for the film.

Sources told DH that Vetrimaaran was also keen on directing the film as he discussed the matter with Seeman on several occasions. “Seeman told Vetrimaaran and others that the movie will be shot at the right time. When everything is in place, it will happen,” a source with the knowledge said.

Film about Prabhakaran, who was killed by the Sri Lankan army in 2009 during the final phase of the three-decade-old civil war, is likely to be a ‘political statement’ rather than an ‘honest account’ because Seeman is a supporter of the LTTE despite his background as a terrorist organization, political analysts said.

Seeman’s public announcement is significant as it closely follows the release of Ponniyin Selvan, an adaptation of Kalki’s fictional account of the glorious age of Cholas, specifically that of Raja Raja-I who built the famous Brihadeeswarar temple. in Thanjavur in the Cauvery delta region.

Earlier this week, Seeman also backed Vetrimaaran who said calling Raja Raja Cholan a “Hindu king” was a misinterpretation of history because a religion called Hinduism never existed in his time.

The NTK leader believes that the Cholas were staunch followers of the Shaivite tradition and can never be called Hindus and that Ponniyin Selvan is a fictional account and cannot be taken as gospel truth. Although NTK hasn’t won any elections so far, the party’s vote share has increased in every election – from 4% in 2019, the percentage of votes rose to 6.3% in 2021.


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