Quentin Tarantino shares a disappointing update on his latest film


While promoting his new book Cinema Speculation, Quentin Tarantino gives a disappointing update on his tenth and final film.

Quentin Tarantino shares a disappointing update regarding his tenth and final film. After writing and directing nine films, Tarantino has surprisingly revealed his intention to end his directing career after his tenth film, citing a desire to come out on a high with work he can be proud of. For his latest feature, Tarantino teased ideas ranging from Kill Bill 3 to a western, a horror movie or a comedy. However, at this point, almost nothing is known for certain about his planned tenth and final film, other than that it will be an original script.


In a recent appearance on YMH-Studios2 bears, 1 cave podcast with Tom Segura, Tarantino provided a disappointing update about his latest film. The illustrious author says he hasn’t started writing his tenth film, or even thought about what it will be. When asked if his last film was still being written, Tarantino replied: “No, I haven’t even thought about it yet.”

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Tarantino Movie Ideas He Could Do For His 10th Movie

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Whereas Tarantino didn’t even begin to think on what his tenth and final film could be, he has a lot of old ideas he can reuse. The director has expressed interest in his tenth film being a horror film if he is able to come up with a “tremendous” concept. Other unused ideas Tarantino has mentioned in the past include a John Brown biopic, which would make for an interesting Western. Another genre possibility could be a 1930s-style gangster movie that Tarantino has already expressed interest in directing.

Tarantino recently said his latest film will be an entirely original work, which apparently rules out Kill Bill 3 and several franchise opportunities such as an R-rating star trek film, james bondor Marvel Luke Cage. It was widely expected given that all but one of Tarantino’s films, Jackie Brown, are original scripts. Although Tarantino’s tenth film continues that tradition, it doesn’t seem like he’s given more thought to what it might be about.

While the director’s recent update may be disappointing for some fans, Tarantino taking his time should ultimately only benefit the final product. Perfection can’t be rushed under normal circumstances, especially when it comes to Tarantino crowning his illustrious filmography with a final magnum opus. In the meantime, fans can enjoy the filmmaker’s various works, including his new book Cinema Speculation. Tarantino also wrote and plans to direct an eight-episode limited series next year. Instead of his last film which is much further away, the focus should now be squarely on this Quentin Tarantinocould be the television series of , which some think is his Once upon a time in Hollywood spin off Bounty Act.

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