Race: Bubba Wallace – What to know before watching the film?


Race: Bubba Wallace is a six-part documentary series about netflix dealing with the life and actions of Bubba Wallace, the first full-time black NASCAR driver who came under fire for speaking out against widespread racism in the upper ranks of racing competition.

The docu-series is due out in February on Netflix and will provide insight into the athlete’s heroic journey with anecdotes collected from friends, family and peers. Emmy-nominated Erik Parker is the director and directed all six episodes of the series. Erik has a niche in making docuseries. His filmography includes LA Burning, Hip Hop: The Songs That Rocked America and The Riots 25 Years Later.

What to know before watching?

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The six-part documentary series focuses on Darell Wallace Jr., better known as Bubba. The 2021 season of Bubba’s life is captured through multiple lenses. This includes his life on the track as well as off the track in the comfort of his role at home as an anti-racism social activist running in white-collar positions in the racing pits.

The show is an unfiltered vision of the athlete’s life. It is transparent and full of emotions. The 45-minute episodes chronicle incidents that occurred throughout the 2020 and 2021 NASCAR seasons.

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The series is made up of race sequences and interviews of NASCAR racers and accepted by those close to them. It stars Bubba Wallace, alongside him we see his mother and number one cheerleader Desi Wallace who gives us a glimpse into the life of her otherwise very reserved son. Bubba’s boss and competitor Denny Hamlin also makes a significant appearance.

He is a co-owner of the 23XI team alongside Michael Jordan. The show also features quotes from Kyle Hall, Bubba’s manager, and his longtime friend, Amanda Carter, Bubba’s fiancée. The show also interviews expert witnesses like Jemele Hill, W. Kamau Bell, and Michael Strahan who were aware of the value Bubba Wallace brought to the table. Last but not least, NASCAR President Steve Phelps is also subsequently fired.


Netflix released the trailer ahead of the show on January 23. It showed clips from the racer and in particular from the 2020 to 2021 NASCAR season in which most of the action is based. The trailer showed interviews with people from both the on-track and off-track life of the riders.

Clips of Desi Wallace from her mother and her longtime friend and manager Kyle hinted that we would know a lot about the racer’s childhood. The documentary is in series format with 6 episodes of 45 minutes each. It is produced by 300 Studios and Broadwalk Pictures. Rob Ford serves as the show’s co-executive producer.

Bubba Wallace and Black Lives Matter

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Bubba had taken note of the racism in the stands since becoming a full-time racer with NASCAR, but chose not to talk about it because he wanted to focus on racing. But the death of George Floyd acted as a revolutionary inspiration for him as for many Americans.

Not only did he race Martinsville Speedway in Virginia wearing an “I Can’t Breath. Black Lives Matter” but also drove a “Black Lives Matter” themed car for the remainder of the 2020 season. case stopped. He was determined to change things. Race: Bubba Wallace is set to hit Netflix on February 22, 2022.


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