Red Notice producer says Dwayne Johnson movie will have sequel if fans demand it


Red Notice producer Hiram Garcia has said the Dwayne Johnson film, which also starred Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, will get a sequel if requested.

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Over the past two years, driven by the effect of the Covid pandemic on cinemas, streaming has grown into a huge business, with Netflix, Amazon, Disney +, and Apple TV + all vying for the biggest names, the greatest movies and shows, and as many viewers as possible to attract subscribers to their platforms. Of course, it comes at a price, so when Netflix announced the movie Red Notice, along with his top cast of Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds, he’s also let everyone know that the $ 200 million movie is the most expensive the streamer has ever made. That kind of budget usually means a sequel is anything but certain, but with the film becoming the most-watched original film in Netflix history in November, it looks like we could end up with a sequel if fans want to. .


Red Notice didn’t exactly get the critics’ seal of approval for its over-the-top generic action plot, but it didn’t seem to matter to audiences at all, as it has with many films recently. In the first 28 days, the film managed to record over 360 million hours of viewing time, placing it ahead of the previous record holder Netflix. Bird box. All in all, the movie provides a couple of hours of escape and that’s something everyone needed this year. With a dose of humor and solid performances from the principals, Red Notice He certainly has enough to connect with viewers and that’s obviously what matters when it comes to possible sequels.

Producer Hiram Garcia touched on a potential sequel in an interview with Collider, and as a member of the team bringing Black adam to screens later this year and work on the next Jumanji movie, it’s no surprise that if a sequel hits, it’ll likely be a few years away. Garcia said:

“We’ve got a really fun blooper reel, but we liked where we ended up. As far as the end credits go, with something like that that basically you might think of as a franchise starter, we don’t like. never really push forward too much ourselves. I think at the end of the day it’s the fans who dictate if they want a sequel, we’re going to be willing to deliver one to them. But it never really does. was about doing some sort of post-credits scene because we always knew how we wanted the movie to end. We knew we wanted to do something big, but we didn’t think there was a real need to do it. ‘kind of a post-credits scene. I think we have some ideas in mind as to where we’d like the story to take place, and if fans are reacting to the movie as we hope, then it’s up to us to ‘be ready to deliver it, and we’ve got some really good ideas on deck. ”

There is certainly a lot of money that has been thrown at big stars by the streaming platforms right now, and Red Notice is one of the great films to show just how out of touch many critics seem to what is popular with mainstream audiences. With so many options of what and when to watch, it seems viewers are more than happy to forgo a well-plotted Oscar-nominated drama for one that offers nothing more than forgettable thrills and energy, Who Red Notice, and its stars, has it in abundance.

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