Retired NFL Star Vernon Davis Talks His New Movie ‘Muti’ With Morgan Freeman and Cole Hauser


Former tight end Vernon Davis officially retired from the NFL in 2020 after 14 successful seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos and Washington Commanders. Since retiring, he has been busy with his acting career having filmed over 20 different projects. Davis also founded two production companies – Reel 85 and Between the Linez Productions. You may have also seen him on the small screen as he competed on Dancing with the stars and served as judge on Domino Masters.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet caught up with Davis to discuss his new movie with Oscar winner Morgan Freeman and Yellowstone star Cole Hauser as well as a few other projects he has worked on.

Vernon Davis smiles for a photo at the ‘A Day To Die’ screening in New York | Rob Kim/Getty Images

You might not think football and acting are alike, but Davis said there are actually a lot of similarities between the two.

“The similarities are with the preparation. You have to be prepared before you go on camera, just like in the NFL, you want to make sure you’re fully prepared before you go out on Sunday,” he explained. “A lot of the work ethic I had in the NFL I applied to acting, which is getting the job done. Doing the work is being able to break down the script and find your overall goals scene by scene, paraphrase and come up with the different emotions and every line you need. It’s so similar to football for me.

“I started realizing that after the first full year of getting into acting. It’s one thing to be able to get a script and think you can go in there and nail it. You have to work like You can’t be fully prepared for anything unless you do the work, so that’s where the similarities come in.

Who Davis Stars in New ‘Muti’ Movie Starring Freeman and Hauser

Davis stars in the new movie Muti as the sole antagonist facing Freeman and Hauser. In the film directed by George Gallo, Davis plays a serial killer named Randoku and talks about the character he plays.

Vernon Davis and Morgan Freeman on the set of the movie 'Muti'

Vernon Davis and Morgan Freeman on the set of the movie ‘Muti’ | Photo provided by Overtime PR

“Muti is based on a tribe in South Africa and I play the character who makes the Muti. Cole Hauser and Morgan Freeman’s characters try to stop Randoku from committing all these murders. Randoku sells the Muti and mixes it into this potion; like a herbal tea. And he sells it to businessmen who want to feel more powerful… Basically, he harvests body parts.

What he learned working with Freeman

Davis also talked about what he learned working with an actor of Freeman’s caliber.

“I learned to be subtle and to be creative,” Davis revealed. “There were a few scenes we had together where I made a choice and he came back and said ‘Try this.’ So what he showed me kind of opened my eyes to think bigger and think outside the box.

Davis is also a Fox reality competition judge. Domino Masters

Davis also served as a judge on the reality competition series Domino Masters.

For her part of the judging, Davis researches “color combinations and different patterns and makes sure the color schemes match the theme.” He added: “It’s a truly phenomenal show. I had a great time working with Danica McKellar and Eric (Stonestreet) and Steve (Price).

He also has a few other projects coming out

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The former NFL star also filmed a new show called Go home in which he was cast as a former soccer player.

“I’m playing this football player, who won the Super Bowl, and I’m dying of liver failure from taking pills and going out drinking and partying,” Davis said. “[My character] is in this hospital and goes from being a smiling child who entered the hospital to becoming completely sick and dying… That’s a good thing [series] and it is well written. I think a lot of people will fall in love with it because of the message.

Go home will be available to stream exclusively on Pure Flix starting June 2.

Davis has also been recording music recently, so stay tuned for that.

Fans can follow and follow all his latest projects via Twitter @VernonDavis85 and instagram.

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