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famous Tollywood movie RRR[Roudram Ranam Rudhiram] of 2020 which is also dubbed in Bollywood due to his popularity in the south as SS RAJAMAULI by director with ram charan Jr NTR by our southern outstanding actor and Bollywood actress Alia Bhat has made an amazing debut in Tollywood.

What made the film so special?

we have seen a number of movies related to actions, suspense, love stories, emotions etc. but this movie is one of the masterpieces as it was created by director SS Rajamauli who, at the time, directed BAHUBALI. This film was a collection of emotions and bonds that were created between the role actors Bheem and ram. this movie has immense action and powerful dialogue all the pictorial and cineplex effects looked like 3d effects because of its catchphrases and amazing choreography. when Tseries launched the Hindi dubbed trailer it reached 37,529,458 views released on 6th Feb 2022. not only the movie script but also the movie song Naacho Naccho which made the viewers more passionate about the song hook step. after this song was released on various platforms, it covered a total views of 24,420,273 views. Premiere on April 23, 2022.

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More interest in the film

This movie is a real movie based on events of Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem, real life Indian freedom fighters, who never met after fighting but to create meaning and happy ending, the producer ends with a maximum possibility of reality. As the story is totally based on the time when British ruled over India in 1920 and also with real event which in forest area of ​​Adilabad they forcefully took Malli whose voice took heart of his wife Catherine and now in order seeking mali, the protector of the tribe, Komaran Bheem, and the war begins. during the fight, many bonds of friendship and love were created and destroyed. another interesting fact that RRR was estimated at around ₹1,150 crore, and during its run it became India’s third highest grossing film.

Has RRR won enough in Hollywood?

recent news from July 1, 2022 indicates that RRR has been nominated as Best Picture for the Hollywood Critics Association Award. The movie directed by SS RAJAMAULI RRR[rise, roar, revolt] became the first Indian film to rival Tom Cruise – ‘Top Gun: Maverick, ‘Elvis. HCA winners will be announced shortly.


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