RWBY/Justice League movie announcement, set in crossover comic book continuity


Rooster Teeth Announces Partnership with Warner Bros. to create a new RWBY/Justice League crossover film, which will be released in 2023.

RWBY announced its feature debut, which will be an animated crossover with the Justice League.


Rooster Teeth announced the new movie during their panel at this year’s RTX Austin convention. The new film is produced in collaboration between the studio, Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros. HomeEntertainment. Production of the crossover is being handled by the team that has hosted the main RWBY web series so far. According to the panel, the new film will be set in the same continuity as the RWBY/Justice League comedy miniseries, which premiered in 2021. The new feature film will expand on the world of this collaboration with an entirely original story. The as-yet-untitled new film will be released in 2023.

the original RWBY/Justice League the comic was written by Marguerite Bennett and the art featured by Aneke. The series saw the RWBY team up against an all-new Grimm as they encountered newly revamped versions of Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, and Diana Price. The story was released as a seven-issue digital first miniseries that ended last October.

A first look at volume 9 of the series has also been unveiled. The show’s new season will see the series’ Huntresses explore the mysterious realm of Ever After as they struggle to find their way home and wonder if they’ll be able to defeat Salem.


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