Sandra Bullock’s film is the 3rd best debut of 2022


The Lost City is poised to earn $30 million at the box office in its opening weekend thanks to overwhelming attendance from older female audiences.

The lost city should now have the third biggest opening weekend of 2022 so far. The film, which was directed by brothers Aaron and Adam Nee and opened on March 25, 2022, is a romantic comedy adventure film in the vein of Romanticize the stone. It features a scintillating cast of stars, including Sandra Bullock, Daniel Radcliffe, Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum, who made a comeback in 2022 after being out of acting for several years.

The lost city follows romance author Loretta Sage (Bullock), who experienced writer’s block. Eccentric billionaire Fairfax (Radcliffe) kidnaps her and takes her to South America, certain that her new book The lost city of D talks about a real place and that she can help him find it. The only person who can save her (or so he thinks) is Alan Caprison (Channing Tatum), a cover model who plays her fearless lead character Dash McMahon.


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By THR, The lost city is poised to have an incredibly strong opening weekend, even with the Oscars taking away a substantial portion of its Sunday audience. The film is expected to land around $30 million at the box office by the end of the weekend, either tying or just passing the hit meta slasher. Yellwhich was released in mid-January and became the first film to hit Spider-Man: No Coming Home of its reign at No. 1 for every weekend since its release. Yes The lost city Beats Yellwhich it could very well do narrowly, it will be the third-best opening weekend of the year so far, second only to The Batmanis a jaw-dropping $134 million and Unexploredis a more reasonable $44 million.

The Lost City Sandra Bullock

The financial success of The lost city this weekend was largely driven by a demographic that hasn’t been seen in theaters very often in the pandemic era: women over 35. The box office boom of recent blockbusters like The Batman Where Spider-Man: No Coming Home was widely worn by male viewers under the age of 35. Most adult dramas suffered at the box office, except for the Oscar nominee Gucci House. However, about 60% of The lost city ticket buyers were female and 47% were over the age of 35, making it the first film in some time to be a hit thanks to interest from these two key demographics.

In addition to that, The lost city is one of the first non-franchise movies to get real traction since theaters reopened. This can be due to many reasons, including a general feeling of increased safety when going out in public. However, the star-studded cast and a premise that provides counter-programming to the many superhero images that are bogged down in the marketplace will most likely help the movie along the way.

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