Scoob! The movie may have been canceled, but it’s coming out with a bang


While most of the recent big change efforts at Warner Bros. and HBO Max focused on the shelving of bat girl film, it wasn’t the only major project to get HBO Max’s ax. A sequel to Scooby-Doo reboot in 2020 Scoob!, called Scoob! : The holiday haunt was also canceled although it is apparently almost finished. In fact, it looks like the film was so close to completion that the filmmakers recently decided to recode the score, since they had already paid to do so.

Tony Cervone, who directed the 2020s Scoob! And was a writer and producer on the now-canceled sequel, revealed on instagram during the weekend that despite the fact that Holiday destination had already been cancelled, the film just went ahead and recorded the film’s score, as the production had already paid for the studio space and the musicians.

It just shows how much the cancellation of bat girl and Scoob! was really that the production had already spent the necessary millions to animate it, but had also spent, it is assumed, a considerable sum to record the music, before word broke that the project was being put on the shelf to collect dust nearby bat girl. It is assumed that there would have been no refund if the scoring session had not advanced.

It also reveals how close to being done Scoob! : The holiday haunt That’s when that decision was made. Recording a movie’s score tends to happen very late in the process, usually after the final editing of the movie is complete or nearly complete. The score is saved with the movie playing, as can be seen in Cervone’s image, so you need a final version to make sure you don’t end up with unmarked scenes or have cut scenes, which would result in the score not being synchronized with the film.

While there was certainly a decision made here by the new powers of Warner Bros. Discovery that it was better to save all the money that had not been spent on both Scoob! and bat girl, the big question is how much money the company is actually saving. While we cannot expect Scoob! following to sell a lot of HBO Max Subscriptionsit seems like it still would have made more sense to go ahead and finish it, even with the money WBD will save on their taxes.

And who knows, with the score now saved, maybe there is hope that Scoob! : The holiday haunt could still see the light of day eventually. Although it looks like due to a tax cut, WB may never be able to release these movies, if there’s any hope of seeing Scoob! 2the fact that the score will not need to be saved later will only help. bat girl would probably still need to pay for his rating, which makes any possible release of Leslie Grace’s superhero movie much more difficult.


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