Selection writer teases Netflix film script, reveals what she ‘likes’ about it as fans await casting and release news


Selection writer Kiera Cass read the script for the Netflix film adaptation and revealed a few things that she “likes.”

As fans continue to wonder who will be in the cast and when the film will be released, Kiera has promised that things will keep moving forward with a preview of the script.


Selection writer Kiera Cass revealed she’s reading script for Netflix film adaptation
Netflix announced last year that it was turning the series' first book into a movie


Netflix announced last year that it was turning the series’ first book into a movie

It was announced last April that Netflix was set to bring the debut novel in the beloved book series to life and had appointed Haifaa Al-Mansour as director.

Kiera shared at the time that she had no news regarding the cast or a schedule for the film, with producer Pouya Shahbazian recently adding that things had been delayed, like many other productions, by the pandemic.

While there aren’t many specific details yet for the author to share, she did give some updates on the film in 2021, including revealing last month that “there’s a script in [her] inbox “but still hadn’t read it in mid-July because it had been” very busy “.

Kiera, who released The Betrayed – the sequel to The Betrothed – in June, teased on Monday that she had “finally” started reading the script for the Netflix movie.

The current draft was written by Katie Lovejoy (To All the Boys: Always and Forever), with a few previous revisions by David Weil, Steven Knight, and Leslye Headland, although Katie wrote the “current revisions.”

The novelist released the exciting news to celebrate the birthday of one of her characters, Aspen.

She then added a small matchstick of her notes on the script, which included her thoughts on how two of her characters are portrayed, along with her handwriting “I love this Aspen!” and “I love this Anne!”

Kiera teased fans by looking at her notes on the selection script


Kiera teased fans by looking at her notes on the selection script

In the caption, Kiera wrote: “Now you know I can’t show you anything. It’s a first draft, and a lot of things are going to change anyway and even if they didn’t have #secretsecrets … But the margin of my notes must be sure.;) Have fun. “

Published in 2012, the first book in the dystopian romance series begins the story of America Singer, one of 35 girls chosen to compete for Prince Maxon’s affection.

The rules and norms of society force the teenager to leave behind the boy she loves, Aspen, for the possibility of something more – for her and her family.

Will she and Aspen find their way back to each other or will she really want to fight for Maxon’s heart?

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This is what fans of the books have long been waiting to see unfold on screen, through several previous attempts to adapt the novels.

The CW considered a TV adaptation of The Selection and shot two pilots, each with some of the same cast and some new ones.

The former starred Aimee Teegarden in America, Ethan Peck as Prince Maxon and William Moseley in Aspen, while the latter starred Yael Grobglas in America, Michael Malarkey as Maxon and Lucien Laviscount in Aspen.


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